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  1. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Ahhhhh yes i must have overlooked your monumental achievements on the dimale server. #151 fighter in war dogs academy alliance.
  2. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    I like how a guy that’s the 680 ranked fighter in a world with 400 active players is calling people out on external forums. Perhaps focusing on the game and not the drama would help you a bit.
  3. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Slayer. If you had followed the draft and the process in discord prior to the world opening you would know what happened. There was more people in the available pool than spaces on 4 teams. So players were going to get left out. Each team was going to have some overflow and require them to...
  4. Top 12 - Sinope

    1. Hades hounds- 9 of the top 10 players in attacker ranking and 1.5 alliances full of very quality players right out the gate. 2. It 3. Doesn’t 4. Matter
  5. Time For Challenge?! :)

    Seems like a good idea. Very much like a fantasy football draft. Just have to find out how to keep players from helping old friends vs their current team. Would love to give this a try
  6. US 76 Casual World - Olynthus Feedback Thread

    My big concern here is they have a world opening on thanksgiving day? Does inno not realize this is a US Markert and thanksgiving is one of the most family centered holidays in the country. Bad enough there’s no peacetime this year which is a very poor decision but starting a world on a national...
  7. Concerns and Ideas

    The main issue that needs to be dealt with is spam. Not even a question. There are teams on US server that literally pride themselves on forcing players to quit. Grepolis will never be a popular game until that is dealt with. Next thing is competitive balance Mobile vs pc platform- mobile is...
  8. The Last 24 Hours.

    Sooooo to recap. Inno has done. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Offered a gold package to some players that amounts to 10 dollars? The started offering packages immediately. Got some Other mods to listen to pissed off people? What a joke
  9. The Last 24 Hours.

    Ha! Inno has been looking into it. They rolled out a new bonus package offer trying to make up for lost income. Talk about we don’t give a DAMN if we screwed you. Give us more money.
  10. The Last 24 Hours.

    There is nothing you can do to make this right without a rollback. Every single server has a vastly different outcome due to 35 players being improperly banned. If the developers at inno don’t understand how this mistake has altered the the landscape of servers and refuse to fix it they honestly...
  11. The Last 24 Hours.

    In all honesty this is basically the only option inno has. Every player in every server WAS affected by this “glitch” entire servers that lasted over a year were decided, players had entire accounts basically wiped out. Enemies gained ground they never would have previously that completely...
  12. The Last 24 Hours.

    There is no way inno can justify giving players 5k gold. Every player that was inappropriately banned should get 100% of the gold they spent on the server and real dollars returned. Additionally if inno is serious about keeping its customer base should be tossing out 20% of whatever they spent...
  13. The Last 24 Hours.

    Inno- you let this go for 4 days. You can’t even begin to justify the damage you have done here. 5k gold. Some players spent 50k in the event that just ended and lost all their units and cities. Unless you guys can magically roll back servers to the previous update you probably just killed what...
  14. The Last 24 Hours.

    The joke just keeps getting bigger. You cant tell me that a company this size doesnt have a single emergency developer on call for the weekend that might look into the issue? Some players come off ban before the work week starts. Will the software reban them for a double sentence? There are so...
  15. WD=Trash

    Your BoB team in dyme is doing the exact same thing to my group... At this point no teams should be taking any cities on any servers cause thats just the right thing to do. But im just one guy
  16. The Last 24 Hours.

    The grepo commuity sits here waiting and inno has done absolutely nothing. Long time players are throwing in the towel. This game will never be the same. The most unfortunate part of this is to see players and teams taking advantage of the situation. We all know something is wrong. Cmon guys...
  17. The Last 24 Hours.

    I believe Inno may have burned the bridge to the ground all on their own. People are getting banned for absolutely nothing so why not tell them how you really feel? People spend alot of time and money on grepolis. They need to ensure their product isn't flawed. They made a change and in 48...
  18. The Last 24 Hours.

    Inno games is closed on the weekends so this will all fall on def ears. The bans will be over by the time the attempt to fix anything. In the past and based on conversations ive had with other mods they do have the power to adjust them. The mods here clearly know something is wrong. How do you...
  19. Candidacy Thread

    I would like to issue random bans across all servers to destroy actual strategy and force players away from the game In an effort to ruin it for most people. Vote for me!
  20. The Last 24 Hours.

    We understand. Yet can and will do NOTHING