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  1. New Community Manager - Hi Mortals

    Congratulations , I believe you will be a great choice!!!!!!
  2. Creating Gold Free Worlds

    I think some folks miss the point of Grepolis, its a business for Inno, they would have to change to some kind of advertising scheme where you have to watch a ad instead of gold all the time to pay for it. Personally, I do not want to spend my life watching advertising , the same one OVER and...
  3. Rate your MRA!

    Damage control is not needed or wanted, I just have respect for most of the MOB folks, I have not seen them advertising to join their "family of alliances" , I don't think they are part of that mess, maybe allies which is fine but not subservient to their leadership. This world is far from over...
  4. Rate your MRA!

    Mob is a pre-made too, those guys are solid and I said before we got out of bp, that they would be the ones battling to the end with us. Just because you are with them does not make them a MRA
  5. Rate your MRA!

    Find the red shoes, put them on, click your heels 3 times and wah lah, your in Kansas. From there use Google to get back home
  6. A match well played

    I must admit, the forums are more entertaining these days!!!!!
  7. Revolt?

    but he has mega in his name!!!!!
  8. Revolt?

    Wait a min, I was in Mozzy's Minions and I suck, thank god everyone else carried my rear end!!!
  9. Revolt?

    So now that it's not revolt or conquest, where do we go from here?
  10. New Mobile App Update - Nov 2022 Feedback Thread

    they mentioned there would be but the question i have is when?
  11. Most important thread for this world

    About the Grep draft world, it kind of fell through when folks drafted decided they wouldn't play on some teams, it went down hill from there. As one involved, it was still a mean world, and quite enjoyable. We lost but we really had some great folks for the fight, Misty, Lady K, RipHunter...
  12. Free population

    yes kill off a few troops. this game is all about choices, everything is a give and take. cities should be buiilt to maximize what you are doing with them at the time, this changes sometimes. you can demolish each level of a building in the senate. you can use Ares sacrifice to remove 50 troops...
  13. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Personally I think Aphrodite has made conquest a team game as opposed to a one lone guy alone sniping cs all day long. CS are almost always same second with ls and support without need of bots. Its a completely new game getting 10 tries per attack/support, if a slow old man like me can do it...
  14. Ares Feedback Thread

    ok, nothing is quite useless, I just hate to have nukes sitting around waiting to be used. i build my stuff to be turned around and killed off quickly. For me it is useless. A nuke waiting for the perfect siege to be used IS useless.. But you are right that is in my style of play, I loved...
  15. Ares Feedback Thread

    Well after assessing the new units more today, i have found that favor farming fury is a lot easier than I assumed (never assume) and Ladons just suck now, no strategic value at all. not even a decent hc. I expect folks will see fury used a whole lot more though because building ladons at all is...
  16. Ares Feedback Thread

    Ladons are now too weak, the changes basically make you chose fury or ladons because you can only generate so much favor, ladons were over powered, but taking away ALL their advantages speed and power along the removal of another way to generate fury makes them worthless. Fury added to another...
  17. Swim, sink, or float

    Well now that BP is over we have seen Grepos/Total Domination fall by the wayside, Technical Difficulties/Inevitable is still the biggest but are having a hard time fighting Commandos, they are doing better than I expected vs BBB , these are the only 3 viable groups left in the world...
  18. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    All Hail BigJ
  19. Swim, sink, or float

    If you are going to gold a domination world move to a rock and have at it. actually get several in each ocean and make a mint.
  20. Swim, sink, or float

    BP is ending time to feast. we will see in 3 days how it all looks