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  1. Czech Meowt

    US 105 - Heliopolis Feedback Thread

    The only thing I don't really understand is why would you put Hephaestus's Blessing on a DOMINATION endgame. I appreciate it still being thrown onto worlds, but its concept works a whole lot better on Olympus and WW endgames.
  2. Czech Meowt

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Morale is on? Yikes
  3. Czech Meowt

    Pandora's Box 2021 Feedback Thread

    after running the event on 3 worlds, can confirm i would not participate in this event unless some things were changed about it. It has good "end of event" rewards, but no way ANYONE got to box 40 with the success rate.
  4. Czech Meowt

    Saving This World

    "saving this world" then ghosts L O L bunch of crybabies.
  5. Czech Meowt

    103 Premade

    Only seem that in action on spam bots, not actually spammers. But never stayed on an en server because of the spam, and havent been back so don't know how well the rules working on that side of grepolis.
  6. Czech Meowt

    US 102 - Pretty Please

    Olympus world with Hephaestus blessing Speed 3 or 4 No Morale No NB A man can dream....
  7. Czech Meowt

    World Wonders

    Silence is looking really good right now!
  8. Czech Meowt

    Hephaestus Blessing - February Special Worlds Feedback Thread

    Only one world came out in Feb with this sort of blessing.... do yall plan on making this a permanent thing possibly? I liked this feature personally.
  9. Czech Meowt


    all hail king davinar
  10. Czech Meowt

    World Wonders

    All 7 silence wonders busted. GGs silence. Such a tough group to fight against!