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  1. us 121 date? Settings?

    Will Halloween event be on this world? Or since it opened late will the event not be here since BP is just ending
  2. Memorable Moments of Doriliea

    Was I at all relevant in Doriliea, not in the slightest But I'll post this anyways since I find it amusing Apparently Ivelin has no idea how to build myths
  3. This is sad

    Nah there are tons of US players on the EN servers - basically EN servers are where the good (or at least decentish) players go.
  4. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    12/6 Sink/Swim 1. Grim Reapers (And GR2) - SWIM - they haven't really faced too much competition yet imo, so I think if they do they might have some issues, but for now a solid swim with a great core 2. Leroy Jenkins - FLOAT then SINK - led by a delusional man-child, they are 5-27 against Ban...
  5. This is sad

    Not sure how that's at all relevant to the conversation but okay
  6. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Imagine using spies ... pretty cringe tbh Even more so bragging about them on external forums
  7. Announcement Thanksgiving peacetime - 2022

    Stop. That makes too much sense.
  8. Another world another easy dub

    Why would EN not be the way to go?
  9. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Good settings Kinda dead world though (like most US) Early enough to join and still climb the ranks - but you'll have to make the most of Halloween event
  10. World Chat

    Last time I checked I’m ranked higher than you
  11. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    There certainly was for a time, not sure about right now Message Vixen and ask ;) but really bots are pretty overrated in this game ... having gold is way way better than having a bot - I'd also be willing to bet that at minimum 10-20 people are currently botting on this server
  12. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

  13. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Don't worry darling, I'll be back :cool: I know how much your alliance wants me gone Losing a few ranks won't mean too much in the long term
  14. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    To be fair all of the talent on our team is kind of negated by having sworn Gotta have a handicap somehow, makes the world more interesting
  15. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    ;) you sure about that one? hope you can find someone :worrylove:
  16. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    who doesn't :cool:
  17. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Is it a bit early for a sink/swim? Probably - but knowing US worlds, if I wait any longer there will only be 2 teams left so might as well do it now. *Disclaimer - despite the worlds I've played, I know surprisingly few names here (so most of you must be god awful) - so most of this will be...
  18. CQ/Found Time

    12 hours for another server?!?!??! Speed 5 with 12 hour CQ time was already absurdly stupid, and now we have another blown opportunity for 8 hour CQ time Why oh why do you hate us @mods I already know there's no way you can change it cause changing the settings after the world opens could have...
  19. Attack bot

    If it'll take you years of practice I guess you better get started now ;)
  20. Attack bot

    Exactly this, it creates a skill gap in an otherwise pretty easy game