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  1. Rate your MRA!

    Did I or did I not post in the forums my intended departure? Did I or did I not attempt to coordinate a timed ghosting so that Our Mob and Old and New players could secure my cities without risk of losing any they wanted to secure? Did I or did I not post explicit instructions about the hand...
  2. Rate your MRA!

    No, you come across as a simp for several reasons, chief among them your reductionist view of the objections concerning Natalia expressed in this discussion. I am certainly not “threatened” by Natalia or women generally, and no reasonable interpretation of my comments in this discussion would...
  3. Returners

    Welcome back. Bunch of people still play from that time but most are using new names, so you probably won’t recognize them unless/until they reveal their old names to you. Unclear from your message if you haven’t played since 2013. If so, be forewarned that the game experience is drastically...
  4. Rate your MRA!

    Did I miss something or didn’t we already establish that you are utterly humorless? You’re as funny as a pedophile teaching Sunday school. You’re not a horse, but the bartender still asks why the long face when you walk into a bar. You’re the comedic equivalent of Eeyore. CJH stands for Cat...
  5. Rate your MRA!

    Same simp. Multiple accounts.
  6. Rate your MRA!

    Probably best to ignore dimak, I think it’s the same simp behind multiple accounts posting stupid stuff in this specific thread.
  7. Rate your MRA!

    Just going to close the loop on this one quickly, and then hopefully this conversation about Natalia will be put to bed, never to return. You may be right that to most guys in this community, Natalia is a “super hot woman” who is “out of their league.” What you seem to fail to recognize is how...
  8. Rate your MRA!

    I respect your right to an opinion and I am not a doctor. But honestly I read what you write here and elsewhere and can’t help but think that a sucker is truly born every minute. It’s unbelievable how easily some people are played. This take on Natalia is cluelessly clueless, the intellectual...
  9. Rate your MRA!

    Good night, sweet princess. I hope you’re serious about leaving forever. You may be a sociopath, but even some sociopaths deserve better than 90% of the Grepolis US community. You can and you will do better. Some other lucky online community will inherit the broken English banter and...
  10. Rate your MRA!

    Yeah. Guess I am being crazy. Then just ignore me and for God’s sake spare us the super naughty stuff in here. K thanks bye.
  11. Rate your MRA!

    Are you really trying to analogize marketing in the accounting profession to the ways online sex workers promote themselves? Yeah, not sure what kind of accountant you are, but you’re definitely “missing something,” alright.
  12. Rate your MRA!

    Good god you are dumbfounding. Natalia references her subscribers and images/videos all the time here, what are you talking about? Most of her posts are flirting or calling attention to herself in ways that have nothing to do with the game. Are you a liar or do you have your head all the way...
  13. Rate your MRA!

    Well then, maybe you should report me, too, it sure sounds like you’re dumb enough to do that. WAKE UP. Every day Natalia willingly puts the target on herself because she’s a narcissist and incorrigible attention seeker. When you do that, you gotta take the bad with the good, especially on...
  14. Rate your MRA!

    Sure sounds like a bluff. If you were going to do it, it would already be done. All of this is so bizarre. Again, I question whether you really have Natalia’s interests at heart. IF you file a complaint, IF the complaint is taken seriously, and IF there are potential real consequences of the...
  15. US 117 - Dorileia Discussion Thread

    Not everyone will understand your humor. Please no one PM me.
  16. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    Don’t you have a date at McDonalds to go to?
  17. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    If you don’t know him, then you don’t know if your experience of the game is at all similar to his. Then why are you piling on with your unsolicited opinion that in context, is offensive? Oh yeah, because you intended to be offensive because you’re a sad groupie. I agree that you shouldn’t be...
  18. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    Lmao. You’re showing that you’re 12 years old again, rein it in. Just because you and Jerichoe hate slasherdan, you shouldn’t spout BS in the forums. I’m sure you can be factual and still flame him, if that’s how you want to waste your time. Love how everything is a skill issue to two...
  19. Rate your MRA!

    Here comes the damage control! Yeah, no crap, Sherlock. It’s TBD players describing the other alliances in Chania as MRAs, not me. Hence, my use of quotation marks every time i referenced the so-called “MRA” alliances. You do know what quotation marks mean, right, Corwin? Right?