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  1. population

    Thank you . That was the answer from someone in my alliance. It works
  2. Free population

    This did not answer my question. I do not have any ships at the moment, but I need 5 people to add a seat to my senate and I only have 3. Do I need to kill off some of my soldiers>?
  3. population

    how do you grow your population?
  4. Competitions

    There are not any competitions posted past 2017. Is there any chance you will be renewing this thread any time soon:?
  5. Gods: Worshiping Them Efficiently

    Do you build these mythical units? Or are they automatically included when you go into battle? If you do build these units, how and where do you build them? The barracks?
  6. None of the files are found in the Grepo Guide Library

    The links take you to a blank page that says file is unavailable.
  7. Grepolis for Dummies

    Thank you for this information
  8. Grepolis for Dummies

    Thank you for the information. Though I have played other war games, ane owned alliance, this game is a little more detailed and everyone's troops are different. So thank you again for the information. It helps a lot.
  9. Grepolis City Expansion Gameplay Video

    I already figured that one out....
  10. Profile Image In-Game?

    I just input my img at the coat of arms