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  1. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    Every other year? I guess over the last 13 years all the servers kind of seem to run together.. I thought we always had an Easter peacetime. Regardless, I will be taking a break until fall after Neopolis and Pseira are over. A long overdue break.
  2. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    No Easter peacetime this year... Weird.
  3. Sink or Swim

    Man another dead forum. I remember the old days when there was a little more activity. We are all to blame.:(
  4. Unnecessary Top 10 (It's US server, there's literally 0 point but I get boosted in exchange for doing this)

    Wrong, we beat heavy golders last 2 servers. We are just getting started here. Stand the Eff bye..
  5. Predictions???

    The comments never disappoint.
  6. Congrats To Legion Of Death

    Thank you, OW were worthy opponents
  7. Sink or Swim top 5

    Mako was MIA before WW started. He straight disappeared
  8. Sink or Swim top 5

    Congrats to Legion pf death on the victory and thanks to OW for being worthy opponents. Well some of them anyways...
  9. Sink or Swim top 5

    This doesnt seem to be aging well ..
  10. watch out for Siciliana Drago LOL

    This is one dead forum...
  11. New World Settings Suggestions

    Conquest, domination or WW world features: Hephaestus's Blessing Game speed: 5 Unit speed: 4 Trading Speed: 4 Night bonus: Yes Morale: no