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  1. Bradonthedestroyer

    Sink or Swim

    People arent here. Go look at threads from the beginning of the game. Sure stuff gets views but its still nothing compared to even the external activity of the old servers let alone the in game player count anyone who thinks this game isnt on its last leg is kidding themselves
  2. Bradonthedestroyer

    Sink or Swim

    Bold prediction. Rob will once again lie about the size of his manti nuke. Just remember people. its really only 68
  3. Bradonthedestroyer

    Whelp its over

    Fun server folks. GG's, Pack it up. Its over
  4. Bradonthedestroyer


    Villain's aren't going to save grepolis. The only people that can do that work for inno and they could care less. Grepolis is a dying game, at least we can not be pricks in the forum on the way down
  5. Bradonthedestroyer


    Good honest people do not spam others nude pictures on forums for online games. All the other drama aside, that should never have been done
  6. Bradonthedestroyer

    And then there was one

    Whelp Good server everyone. With Sneaky all deciding to call it quits this server is official over less than a month from when it started. Can Inno please merge us with EN already, this is the 3rd server in a row over as quick as it started. Nobody in US servers wants to fight anymore
  7. Bradonthedestroyer

    Kastoria Sink/Swim#4

    Ah weird. Prly why they arent around anymore. The player PT was the best defender ive ever played with in 7 years of grepo
  8. Bradonthedestroyer

    Kastoria Sink/Swim#4

    Im not in this server put i have to ask. Is poseidons Trident playing in the alliance Poseidons Trident?
  9. Bradonthedestroyer


    If you joined an alliance with dead forums and a dead discord, id recommend finding a new alliance :)
  10. Bradonthedestroyer

    Most important thread for this world

    If you keep coltin i get Myth ;)
  11. Bradonthedestroyer

    Most important thread for this world

    You dont want it rob, ill mess you up bro.
  12. Bradonthedestroyer

    Most important thread for this world

    IF we could lure one more large team into this its something that could be achievable. Maybe convince Pete to leave CQ and come back to revolt servers
  13. Bradonthedestroyer

    Most important thread for this world

    Most of us are as well. Rematch in september/october maybe?
  14. Bradonthedestroyer

    Some people seem to think I played on this server

    Literally one person who is not even in this server anymore said that, you now have 2x the number of posts whining that someone said that then there were people saying you were taks. You can stop whining about it now
  15. Bradonthedestroyer

    Elephant in the room

    I noticed all those accounts as well. Super Sus
  16. Bradonthedestroyer

    Way too early top 10 sink or swim

    Do we even have enough alliances here to do this :P
  17. Bradonthedestroyer

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Anyone looking for a team to join? Weve got a small group of good players going in and could use a few more
  18. Bradonthedestroyer

    103 Premade

    US Servers definitely sucking. But ive never been spammed more than in EN. Well have to see when the new world pops. I dont mind conquest servers, thats where i learned the game, but there may be a couple people id have to convince
  19. Bradonthedestroyer

    103 Premade

    You coming back to US servers? I thought you were a EN guy these days? I retired from EN servers after running into Charlie and JFL