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  1. Mythical Hen 2021 Feedback Thread

    if you buy gold in one world to get some recipes why arent they the same in the other world?? I assumed they would be but now have recipes in a useless world I hardly play in
  2. pay to play servers

    you set the rules right and it would work. they would have no choice
  3. pay to play servers

    Totally agree with this idea - it would bring back the good players who remember what grepo was like ten years ago before gold ruined it all. You could keep both versions running - I don't see what grepo would have to lose. Come on give it a go.
  4. Trash Talk

    This is an awesome world. Just buy some gold and you are sorted. If you need a manti myth, don't worry about going through random recipe attempts in the event - just buy them all in the gold package. It saves a lot of time and you don't need to waste time building your own troops. If you get...
  5. The Last 24 Hours.

    I doubt this can be undone that easily. Some players lost World Wonders and effectively years of hard work because of this one bad decision. Others will feel rightly hurt that their reputation has been permanently tarnished in the minds of other players. Best bet is to leave and find a better...
  6. The Last 24 Hours.

    Sad to see so many friends and good players screwed over by inno. Mods are poor but its inno that is to blame for not training them, paying them, having enough of them and not caring about their customers. They have always relied on us just putting up with poor decisions and rules and not...
  7. A Defenders Game? a question on the externals for the developers to consider.
  8. "Loop Hole": Especially In Morale Worlds

    Player was/is a massive gold user and all cities were taken on the island by him taking advantage of the beginners protection system. It's been a while and we were promised some action by INNO and to voice concerns on these forums to illicit a reponse. What is the progress on addressing the...
  9. A Defenders Game?

    The key point in Whitty's argument above which we would like addressed is the one pertaining to lags from the large numbers of attacks. If the game gets set up to the point where (for eg) 10 million attacks are required to take a city but the server can only handle 1 million then this should...
  10. Message from the Reset Guy

    Nicely put Jeff. Mike is still pleased with himself over this. He claims to want to play grepo in a good spirit and lists all the things he would liek to get rid of or change, but then actually plays in the worst possible way himself. Definition of a hypocrite. INNO are too spineless to...
  11. Wars of Baris

    Nice to hear from you AK :) All good here and still battling - I will pass on your regards to Sin, Toon and the gang. Take care Dan
  12. Change log 2.133

    Need to change rules so players can't ghost and restart with beginner's protection once world wonders have begun. When will you do this? It has just ruined Baris.
  13. Changelog 2.128

    So to be clear, the "actual founder" can send resources straight away and that is the one person that started the alliance, even if he/she is no longer a founder? In other words only one person in the alliance would ever have this privilege?
  14. Update to V2.109 - Changelog

    The thing where Hades invisibility spell says troops have travelled too far when you have only just sent attack still happens too. That sucks anyway as a feature, should apply whenever you cast it! And it sucks that thi was only just made clear after years of everyone assuming it worked once...
  15. Baris MVP's

    Obviously a poor judge of character haha
  16. Baris MVP's

    Ally in JG tough to single one out - but I think jaymusses has been awesome this world with his efforts Enemy: I would have to say zimmerli has done a great job though I dont agree with the wonder sharing tactics. For the record mzda is an awesome player and an awesome person - anyone that...
  17. Top 12 Sink or swim

    It's fine you've just shown again that you don't understand our reasoning and so were posting based on supposition. Your prerogative but nothing other than speculation. So actually you do just say things on externals. And from when I make my rare forays here it seems like you say a lot.
  18. Top 12 Sink or swim

    You were not party to any of the discussions so don't know anything on this subject. I know lack of info doesn't usually stop you from pontificating but here's hoping...
  19. Wars of Baris

    Who asked you?
  20. Wars of Baris

    You don't want to listen to that Oracle.