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  1. Veteran Player Looking for Alliance

    Hey Folks, Veteran player here, been in leadership roles in multiple alliances, have been #1 multiple times in different worlds. Currently in Ocean 54 but only a few days in so don't mind moving oceans to move closer to the alliances core. Thanks, Pete
  2. Old Top Player Looking for Premade

    Hey Folks, I recently got back into the game and am looking for a premade to join. I've been top player in multiple worlds, some by a large margin. Have more experience in revolt worlds but some in conquest as well. Don't really care about the world settings other than I don't want to join a...
  3. Slyther/n (Project Venom)

    is this going to be on whatever EN or US server comes out that fits the settings? I am interested if thats the case.
  4. Zacynthus Pre-World Discussion

    so whats the deal, can we not create threads now until the world starts? and No server specific recruitment section?
  5. Zacynthus Pre-World Discussion

    I might end up joining although the world speed has me cringing :mad: If anyone has a decent premade shoot me a message.
  6. Login Issues

    same thing happened here looks like world might be down, which means we sit and wait
  7. Idalium Pre-World Discussion Thread

    It might be just me, but if I was about to destroy your expectations of what the world settings would be, I would wait until the very last minute to announce them
  8. Idalium Pre-World Discussion Thread

    We should probably wait until the world opens to announce the settings
  9. Idalium Pre-World Discussion Thread

    I would guess the major concern is morale or no morale
  10. Idalium Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Must be having a hard time deciding on whether to follow the votes or have less "intense" settings
  11. Idalium Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Pumped for the new world! Invite your alliance mates and let's make this world epic!
  12. New World

    well someone knows when the next world will open ;) Oh that is interesting they are all released at the same time. I've wondered if the timing of new worlds had anything to do with gold events but as far as I can tell worlds will start whenever regardless of when an event is going on.
  13. New World

    I'm sure its Spring break for many folks, and I'm guessing peeps have a lot more free time currently. It has also been nearly a month and a half since a new world came out. Will a new world happen soon? Also do new worlds come out only when previous worlds fill up? I'm wondering if Helarous...
  14. The History of Helorus

    Looks like float shouldn't be associated with G.O.A.T at all :D
  15. Top 12: Sink or swim

    Updated my original list to include a new little tidbit of info I heard round the rumor mill about G.O.A.T :D
  16. Top 12: Sink or swim

    Interesting thought process, making a pretty strong assumption there about Whitey leaving, maybe you know something I don't ;). So a couple ways this could go down. Whitey and Crew leave. G.O.A.T's south side is secure, they are only dealing with attacks from north and possibly east. Best...
  17. Top 12: Sink or swim

    1) G.O.A.T - Swim possibly Float They need to consolidate more. Any inactive players or folks that are slow need to be eaten. Need to establish better defensive procedures in to their south to keep Whitey and Crew from causing lots of problems. Realistically they need to take Whitey's crew...
  18. Wars of Helorus

    Army of Two is Currently at war with everyone, so far the score is 0, 0. Will update hourly
  19. Looking for Alliance

    Welp I'm going solo with my friend for now, have a little fun harassing the big guys. Good Luck to our neighbors.
  20. Looking for Alliance

    also not looking for spread out alliances, you won't be around that long ;)