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  1. GuardianAngel671

    Communicating time sensitive actions between alliance members with multiple time zones

    Every alliance I've been in says to have the game time set to default which is America (UTC-4:00)New York for the US server. I don't know the default times for the other servers as I only play US. If everyone has their game set to the game server then everyone will have the same game time. For...
  2. GuardianAngel671

    Top 8: Sink or Swim

    I forgot them oops. It was not intentional.
  3. GuardianAngel671

    Top 8: Sink or Swim

    -The Show- merged with Demon Fleet - so the list may have shrunk to 9 teams?
  4. GuardianAngel671

    Feedback March world opening - Sidon US 125

    Actually, a lot of groups pact up due to the lower size limits I think. So size limits might need to be larger if you want to cut down on pacts & sister groups.
  5. GuardianAngel671

    Post your preferred world settings!

    Conquest system: conquest World Speed:4-6 Unit Speed:4-6 Alliance Limit: doesn't matter Morale: doesn't matter Game type: domination Nightbonus: doesn't matter Hephaestus blessing: would be nice
  6. GuardianAngel671

    WW World

    Sounds interesting :)
  7. GuardianAngel671

    us 121 date? Settings?

    oh those rules gotcha
  8. GuardianAngel671

    us 121 date? Settings?

    just curious, what are the Fair Play rules? I prob know them but I just wanted to double check.
  9. GuardianAngel671

    New world starting soon. Let us know your preferred settings!

    Conquest Dom or World Wonders (w/ Hephaestus's Blessing) Starting Cities: 3 (I doubt it'll happen again) Game Speed: 4-5 Units Speed: 4-5 Trade Speed: 4 Morale Bonus: no Night Bonus: no Conquest - can be Dom or WW
  10. GuardianAngel671


    Welcome back:) I'm from 2013 as well. I started on US Pi - revolt WW speed 1. I didn't do graphics & such for the game except my own. It's nice to meet another artist though:) I'm debating about whether or not to update mine though. Wish ya the best in-game :)
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    I've seen it.
  12. GuardianAngel671


    Hope parts of the convo are gone & over. I've forgotten what the beginning theme was.
  13. GuardianAngel671

    Rate your MRA!

  14. GuardianAngel671

    Rate your MRA!

    @Acer @Ryvirath thread needs checked
  15. GuardianAngel671

    Rate your MRA!

    @Acer @Ryvirath thread needs checked again
  16. GuardianAngel671

    A match well played

    (edited out a deleted post) @Acer @Ryvirath Is this acceptable? I think not, can this be controlled?
  17. GuardianAngel671

    A match well played

    @Ryvirath @Acer can you please go through & check the thread, please? There are posts that should be removed again.
  18. GuardianAngel671

    Tech Support?

    I just got logged in so hopefully, they got yours fixed also. Wish ya good luck.