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  1. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Shout out to GG for botting another win lol gotta love those multi accounts and laughing at the mods for not being able to do shit about it lol it must suck winning and knowing not a single person respects you guys. see you next server cant wait to see who you use for a spy and which fake...
  2. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Grim is now dead (way to go AL you really suck), Imperial will send 100 LS to break 10k bri's so they have no brains and Nuevo Repro do nothing but eat internals..... SERVER OVER------> BAN Wins
  3. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Al the Conqueror is now Paranormal Al He ghosted
  4. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Al the Conqueror on 2023-01-07 at 11:50 MM The reason why they are attacking you is because you have a flaw weakness if you notice the players who get attacked are vulnerable and or do not hit back. They CS...
  5. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Al the Conqueror on 2023-01-14 at 21:00 Mass Mail We have surely taken our lumps but i am proud for those still fighting. Ban is hoping for us to collapse do not give in keep fighting lose a city take 2 more...
  6. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Its so funny Al the spammer tells the alliance open tickets on Ban when he uses Farm bots for years lol
  7. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    wow the server spy L3golas left the alliance I wonder if they caught him being a spy for Al lol We all call him the hand off king because 75% of his cites are hand offs.
  8. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    So the Grim Spammers lost the server but now wanna spam everyone lol
  9. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    says Al The Farm Bot lol
  10. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Al thinks merging with Imperial will save him :p
  11. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    I see you guys are internalizing each other lol trying to make a single alliance. Not gonna happen I know something you dont. Just ghost
  12. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    I love talking to myself lol its a wrap for this server I just checked the Ban lined up of players Grim should just hand off cities to them and get some sleep . This is why MRA never work ppl. If the next server Ban keeps the same players they will win that one also
  13. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Oh Damn!!!! Grim is killing Grim 2 wait what lol I have a great new name The Grim VMers ;)
  14. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    RIP Grim Criers ;)
  15. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    *McM* left Ban and it looks like he is handing off cities. Stick a fork in Ban they are done ;)
  16. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    The Boring Squad took a big hit.... kv7387 ghosted....
  17. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    News flash The Boob Squad are now flash spamming people lol I can smell the ban coming.
  18. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    yay Hawk is back you might know him as Shock the account he builds up to hand off to himself hahahaha
  19. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    The cheaters are back lol only 3 days for spamming and account sharing. Its amazing these bums attack each other for BP haha Its bums like this that made people stop playing.
  20. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    The only ones left in The Boob Squad are from HH lol isn't that karma.... They are just doing hand offs so Grim is looking great at this point in time. The cheaters might be back tomorrow lets see.