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  1. t1gro

    Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    the war, that age-old scourge of humanity, has woven itself into the very fabric of our existence, tracing its bloody lineage through the annals of time with a persistence that defies comprehension. From the thundering hooves of ancient conquerors to the thunderous roar of modern weaponry, its...
  2. t1gro

    Sniping guide | QuiteLucky edition

    that's what i like to see, tigra and afar
  3. t1gro

    Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    gg good world was fun playing with and against you, i hope we'll meet again :P t1
  4. t1gro

    New World - Pegasae Discussion Thread

    big no for me, incredible loss of players because of this move.... hf in this new world with the usual 100 players playing with one sided stats noone joins us world, maybe that's the reason? could have been a good opportunity
  5. t1gro

    New World - Pegasae Discussion Thread

    Just get rid of NB and many players will join... otherwise.... desert as always
  6. t1gro

    No Night Bonus Pegasae

    That's not true.... NB is bad for US too, as not everyone has the same timezone. But, it's useful for NON us players.... and that's a good thing.... we've seen us worlds getting little numbers in players.... and we could add some by removing it... as in EN there's a 2x revolt people might look...
  7. t1gro

    No Night Bonus Pegasae

    It's a shame we are getting night bonus for this new world.... EN has 2x revolt so many players get to play there.... and, in addiction, there's a new god too (right?). It would be terrible if many players won't join only because of 1 thing.... and that could be an opportunity to make us worlds...
  8. t1gro

    No Night Bonus Pegasae

    no NB it ruins game experience.... this world can be way better without it lets make it happen
  9. t1gro

    New World - Pegasae Discussion Thread

    this world could have been perfect..... unlucky for night bonus.... i believe that if night bonus will be removed more players will join