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  1. TeddyFlood

    Unnecessary Top 10 (It's US server, there's literally 0 point but I get boosted in exchange for doing this)

    Looks like it comes down to Hakuna Matata/No Worries vs all the Raiders. I like to think Jury Duty is in a solid third place here, but I may be biased.
  2. TeddyFlood

    Grepolis Sink/Swim

    This the third world in a row I have played where I was on a team that was in a good position to win, and we get screwed by people quitting, hitting perma VM or defecting to the enemy. To be clear, I don't really care about crowns. Some feel like they need that little icon on their profile, I...
  3. TeddyFlood

    Grepolis Sink/Swim

    I don't know much, but I do know that Jcoo has not and will not ever play with Ban Squad.
  4. TeddyFlood

    And then there was one

    Another alliance mass quitting? This is becoming a regular thing I see.
  5. TeddyFlood

    Grepolis Sink/Swim

    It seems like mass ghosting is becoming a common thing on Grepolis. When your team isn't going to win or things are going badly... just quit. I'm not directing my comment at anyone in particular here, because frankly, this is something I've seen happen in the last three worlds I have played in...
  6. TeddyFlood

    Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    So what's the deal here? Is this world worth joining?
  7. TeddyFlood

    Sink or Swim US105

    I'm not in this world but I still like reading these type of posts, especially if you continue to give updates. If there's one thing we know about Grep it's that things do often change from where they were at the start. It's interesting to see how that happens, even in worlds I am not part of.
  8. TeddyFlood

    This is how current #1 on the server plays

    I have a headache from reading this entire thing. It's obvious some people have some unresolved aggression, and they use the game to deal with it. It's just a game ya'll. No need to get your blood pressure up. Kill stuff, have fun.
  9. TeddyFlood

    Looks like it's down to the top two Alliances right now

    Well Al the Conqueror was right... Monsters Inc seems to be fading. Prestige seems to be the new #2 alliance now. There are several smaller alliances that are shifting and moving up though so this could still be an interesting world.
  10. TeddyFlood

    Looks like it's down to the top two Alliances right now

    Just joined this world... yea, I'm late lol. But I seem to be in the middle of two big alliances so I am not sure how long I'll last. :oops:
  11. TeddyFlood

    dead world

    Is this world still dead? I am looking for a new world to join soon and I like the stats of this one. But if nothing is happening here, it probably wouldn't do much good to join now.
  12. TeddyFlood

    Ban Spammers

    This was all very helpful, as someone who was recently accused of spamming. Sending a HC every couple of hours is in fact, not spam.