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  1. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    Haha I've spent more then roe, I think at least, it's kind of a don't ask, don't tell.. he just builds faster then I do by a lot . And he got here like a month late, good dude. I'm not gonna lie, im sitting on many slots lol. Maybe y'all will rethink your 100% offensive approach because theres...
  2. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    Founding is the name of the game in Olympus especially early. Maybe you didint know that. Y'all are founding as well, just very late.
  3. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    How'd you like that op? Sit down coltin lol. Also kgreat you are a terrible player, legit one of the worse players I've ever seen. You have no place, at least coltin is a legit player who I can respect for his game. You on the other hand are a joke.
  4. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    lol, this world is a lot different if you haven't noticed.
  5. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    so how the hell did this work out for y'all? real embarrassing huh? noobs.
  6. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    this is not a dom world seeker, those stats don't show the shape of the world, yes y'all are leading the world so far, but your win isnt promised.
  7. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    not gonna say, because I'm the leader of a group in the race. Only one Doom/Outlawz = Swim
  8. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    great world so far, very fun!
  9. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    kgreat shush, nobody was talking to you lol. go write a poem.
  10. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    you can think what you want, but he we didint go out and recruit a bunch of randoms lmao. i brought over 40 people to the server with me on invite links. most of these guys i know.
  11. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    we are not pact with everyone, youre dead wrong there. not true, thats not the vetting process at all lmao, our roster is pretty full of good players. we dont let just anyone in.. its a closely controlled group, thats well organized. youll see. not true, in 122, that wasnt me calling the shots...
  12. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    doom and outlawz are one group. most of came from 120 and other worlds. i view it as combined points and bp totals. not a mra, 90% of these guys we know. i like the list but disagree. i dont think you have a good look at the political landscape of the world atm.
  13. Top 2 Sink or Swim

    a little hasty, but alright lol.
  14. All Quiet?

    You're a sore loser, huh? you speak of skill, but you have none, you're a simmer that relies on no competition to win worlds. when you face competition you crumble and fold, beat it. also, your name court of owls is dumb, owls are not apex predators, i could kick one and it would die, just like...