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  1. Sink or Swim

    Tbf mogul not far wrong! I mean if we hadn’t chased of jcoo he could have funded inno in promoting,,, mako with his chef skills could have put on a sic buffet, sparrow could have done one of her tiktok dances in a Grepolis theme bikini, Exit working security, and lethal building free cities...
  2. Terrible

    Can’t we just get a fast conquest? Tensions are building in these forums. Mods want us to play nice in here but got us all squashed together with no way to release the playful anger on each other, smh… duck I’m go wait for your fast conquest bro! ;)
  3. Sink or Swim

    Lol brother you can challenge all you want! All these players are cowards. They run and hide. He won’t accept
  4. All Quiet?

    Wow, Spencer really got under ya skin huh..
  5. All Quiet?

    poke-poke-poke - where's that crazy.
  6. All Quiet?

    Italian server? Love Italy, the national bird's a Sparrow. Fun fact. No, made two, keep external account separate from game account! PGtips mofo HAHA
  7. All Quiet?

    XD Where's the world chat ?