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  1. Peacetime for 4th July - please vote

    Easter, July 4th, & Thanksgiving are I think what everyone would like and it has been one year yes and the next year no, but I think they should even if its only 24 hrs. Christmas & New Years I think mods or whomever sets up the peacetime has been consistent and not had any issues with these...
  2. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    nah, if you look back its been every other year. Easter & thanksgiving peacetimes. I think its probably like if 10 people request it they do peacetime otherwise they are likely to forget
  3. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    dont fall for it!
  4. events
  5. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    did you say new hero?? any hints?
  6. A world with no competition - arranged victory

    I would think its more of a reflection of the Olympus endgame. there isnt necessarily a need to fight in the core of the world and the first few weeks are about founding around the small temples your alliance hopes to capture. now that small temples are open and allies start getting buffs I'd...
  7. Post your preferred world settings!

    Conquest system: either World Speed: 4 Unit Speed: 5 Alliance Limit: any Morale: no Game type: any Nightbonus: yes Hephaestus blessing: Yes Artifact: no spark or cornicopia; any of the new ones please
  8. Conquer A Mod for Gold

    Can we make this a thing for every world?
  9. Reward for Olympus

    2nd place would go to whichever alliance holds Olympus longest (excluding the winner). If no alliance other than the winner holds Olympus for any period of time, then second place is awarded to the alliance with the most points (excluding the winner)...
  10. WW World

    If we can get @Shock post ten thumbs up can he call the settings for the next world?
  11. Time is weird

    forums always been like that. they are on a European time. not synced to us servers
  12. Conquer A Mod for Gold

    poor plutus...
  13. US 122 world

    usually they will announce a new world opening a day or two before it opens. also there usually will be an email on the day a world opens to whichever email account you signed up with, notifying that a new world has opened, the pattern generally has been after a world opens theres a week of...
  14. Easter Peace?

    I would like to resubmit this request.....
  15. us 121 date? Settings?

    thanks for the update, but by "next world cycle" do you mean next week or after the next event (like 4-5 weeks)?
  16. Easter Peace?

    So..... Like July 4th is coming up. How's everyone doing?
  17. Eretria Milestones

    For the record, I already have level 3 andromeda so HA!
  18. Rate your MRA!

    Mega has no points. He makes up words and changes the definitions of those words when he's wrong. He accuses people of doing the things he does himself. No point in listening to him