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  1. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    I'd lake it a lot if you hurried up and graded the 15 questions.
  2. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    It's time for Ugly to ghost!
  3. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    Go play a different game than the one youre admining.
  4. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    The concept that nothing is ever truly over is a reflection on the continuous and cyclical nature of existence. Every ending is merely the precursor to a new beginning—whether it’s the conclusion of a day that gives way to the dawn of another, or the closing of one chapter of life that sets the...
  5. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    Defending the notion that the Earth is flat, one might argue that the perceptions and direct observations of our everyday experiences are the most reliable sources of knowledge. When we stand in an open field or gaze across the horizon from a beach, the Earth appears to be completely flat...
  6. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    At the corner of a bustling city street, a small café serves as a sanctuary for urban escapists. A barista, with a flair for elaborate latte art, meticulously crafts each cup, transforming routine coffee breaks into brief episodes of art appreciation. Just outside, the vibrant colors of...
  7. Your last word is the second word in my sentence

    Instructions were too long, didnt care to read
  8. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    Hello Mr. Stegosaurus Brain You just posted a screenshot that answers your own question....
  9. Mythical Hen feedback thread

    Soooooo Silver, does it start on Monday or does it start on April 2nd?
  10. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Typical forum mods, taking down memes smh
  11. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Did Death's CS against Shom sink? Or did it sink Shom's whole world?
  12. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    RIP Shomtim, he will be missed! Seems he saw the writing on the wall, and that an alliance made entirely of LS not being able to break a bir stack anymore isnt a fun place to be.
  13. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Dang, bro wants to be me so bad lmao
  14. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    10k DLU worth of LTS while your alliance doesnt have the support to hold sieges on browns and ghosts is wild hahahahahahaha! Pretty easy to see why Ugly is losing so bad.
  15. Feedback March world opening - Sidon US 125

    The long fabled special world has arrived!!!
  16. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Due to the amount of cope and false accusations leveled in this thread after we took one city from one of their leaders, I am downgrading Ugly's current rating from SINK down to SINKING IMMINENT. This world will be over shortly.
  17. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Ok mr. academic! Lets do the math. With mathematics, great arming, nereids, and a lvl 20 diadalos, that is still only enough resources for 601 birs. Sooo now, in your very best case scenario, were looking for where the other 5500 birs came from.
  18. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    An admin talking trash about golding while he turtles and gets carried by the three largest golders on the server is wild :) Imagine braging that it took 2 attempts to take a city from you. Yall lost literally all of your LS trading super negative overall to save Skip from the first siege, and...
  19. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Your screenshot displays a market where enough resources have been bought to make 147 birs. Care to explain where the other 6000 came from?