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  1. chewJF

    Incantation Circle Bug???

    The offerings that is being referred to are the various ingredients, ie bat wing, bone, tail, finger. You can spend gold for the recipe(incantation) or you can go for random ones by clicking on the various ingredients.
  2. chewJF

    Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    I really do like that idea. Just make it so it is on every night and have it so they can change the times once a month. Then make it so the enemy knows they are in NB before they attack, like how the current system is. That way they can only abuse it once a month and would not punish the players...
  3. chewJF

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Golden Fleece for the first world with the new artifact system? I was hoping for one of the new ones. Also forgot a space after the world's name
  4. chewJF

    It turned out to be just a House of Cards

    Lowkey that is the only means that I have to contact them. What a time.
  5. chewJF

    whats up with the last update? bugs all over

    You can fix the message bug, assuming you mean reports, by hitting the inbox button in the top next to the trade tab also, so you dont have to do the page numbers for everyone wondering. The update said they fix that though but clearly they did not...? But man the game has felt a lot more...
  6. chewJF

    Spartan Assassins 2021 pt 2 Feedback Thread

    You have to contribute to the event by participating in order to get the rewards when the community goal is met. So automatically by just doing the event with your shots.
  7. chewJF

    Profile Image In-Game?

    Oh are you talking about the coat of arms thing? Just go over to the next tab from "Edit Profile" to "Personal coat of arms" and you can upload a SINGLE image, atleast I think a single image, within the rules on that tab. I never have put an image on my profile personally. So no to doing it...
  8. chewJF

    World Discussion

    The chariots will go towards the defense of the city in siege. This is the same with Athena's spell, Patroness. It is best if you are worried about the enemy stacking the city even more with these two spells to City Protect it as they cannot cast spells onto the city with it.
  9. chewJF

    Profile Image In-Game?

    I actually just went to try it myself, and APPARENTLY you cant put an image into your profile. It should be able to work everywhere else I believe?
  10. chewJF

    Profile Image In-Game?

    You have to make sure that the picture is accessible from the internet and that you will have to copy the photo source. The photo source will have .png or .jpg at the end of it usually. On windows it is right click the photo in a webpage, then click "Copy Image Location", and then put that in...
  11. chewJF

    new to the game and lost, lol

    They are two different ways to conquest an enemy city. You can play both or just one, but it may be confusing as both requires very different strategies. Please note that there is a wiki that can be found, although it may be a tad outdated. To over simplify and give a quick rundown, Revolt-...
  12. chewJF

    New World - Selymbria

    Any premades to join?
  13. chewJF

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Poseidon chewJF - Mesembria
  14. chewJF

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Hades Player: chewJF World: Mesembria