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  1. Kariella

    US 115 - Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    what time does the server open at?
  2. Kariella

    Top 12 Alliances

    Rank Alliance name Points Towns Members Attack points Defence points Combined points 1 Cold Steel Guild 123,125,969 10448 56 93,561,807 31,164,212 124,726,019 2 Death Watch 97,394,924 8727 71 72,847,222 58,763,283 131,610,505 3 G.O.D.S. 81,098,887 7303 74 34,811,101 67,703,281 102,514,382...
  3. Kariella

    Grepolis Update 2.236 Discussion Thread

    How will the World Wonders City Skin work... mine is still locked (although it was mentioned that only the default skin will be active with last patch)... Will that be retroactive? And will I be able to enable it on Hyperborea even though that is not a Wonders world?
  4. Kariella

    Mythical Hen 2021 Feedback Thread

    it didnt even start yet and I can give you the feedback that you have known for years now... make everybodys recipes the same... it was fun getting with other members on the server and figuring it out... this everyone has different recipes is nonsense... the old way made it more of a community...
  5. Kariella

    Advisors Suggestion Merchant Commander Captain

    I was just looking at the Advisors and after all these years it kinda hit me... they got a lotta stuff piled up onto Captain... and really some of it doesnt make sense... and should be spread out to other advisors imo... First Captain... only time I ever activate this is if I need the 20% ...
  6. Kariella

    Winds of Change: Feedback Thread

    for the most part I like the new look... the Gods have more personality... however the supersized boobs have to go... this is 2017... also I would mention that in the past I always made more hera's than the other Gods cuz I loved the old Hera... the new one not so much... change her hair color...
  7. Kariella

    Zarkos Ends 1:04AM EST 1/29/17

    Well fwiw at 1:04 AM EST on 1/29/17 the server finally shutdown :(
  8. Kariella

    How is this being done???

    the minimum attack size is 3% of your total military in the city you want to send from
  9. Kariella

    DIO-Tools (Official)

    ok ok... I was just looking for options... I play on multiple servers so I set up a different browser for each server, so I can auto login and not have to worry about the different browsers getting confused with my settings or me clicking the wrong button and all that misc stuff... so right now...
  10. Kariella

    DIO-Tools (Official)

    just to confirm... there is no dio tools for IE?
  11. Kariella

    How Does Seastorm Work

    One last Sea Storm question and sorry for the double post... How many times can a person purify your wave and cast Sea Storm on you?
  12. Kariella

    How Does Seastorm Work

    thanks... and phew :)
  13. Kariella

    How Does Seastorm Work

    Thanks all... btw I forgot to mention Revolt server... I wrote this up to post how does this sound... How to protect your CS from Seastorm Description - Seastorm destroys 10-30% of the targeted ships. However this is not based on ship count it is based on population count of all non-transport...
  14. Kariella

    How Does Seastorm Work

    I am sure this has been asked and answered but I cant find it :( plus the post could be outdated... The description of Seastorm is Destroys 10--30% of the targeted ships That said is there a combination of ships either based on amount of type of ships that can prevent or make less likely...
  15. Kariella

    The Countdown has Begun

    woohoo finally our 28 day countdown has started...
  16. Kariella

    Men of Mayhem - Masters of Heraklion

    Well just a few short hours ago we completed our 7th Wonder and Men of Mayhem is Officially the Masters of Heraklion (as if there was ever any doubt ;)) As usual, we put Usual Suspects in their place and even as we speak we are treating them to a Victory Op on their remaining cities that...
  17. Kariella

    Men of Mayhem - Victors of Heraklion

    We have reached our first rewards for our labors over the past 18 months... Victorious... Great job All Men of Mayhem
  18. Kariella

    DIO-Tools (Official)

    thanks that's a big help :) also starting today, the wonder feature of dio-tools is broken... the button on the wonder screen that divides up the resources lights up, the real fast swoops to the left and disappears... I have tried this on 2 different computers using both FF and Chrome with the...
  19. Kariella

    DIO-Tools (Official)

    maybe I missed this somewhere... but can someone explain to me what this part of the wonder screen means... thanks...