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  1. New World Settings Suggestions

    Casual Hephaestus's Blessing Starting Cities: 3 Game speed: 5 Unit speed: 4 Trading Speed: 5 Night bonus: Yes Morale: Yes 1 blessed city 40% attack rule
  2. Ban the Spammers on this Server..

    what is spamming?
  3. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    poseidon Swissarian
  4. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    hera swissarian
  5. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Aphrodite Swissarian
  6. Top Twelve

    could someone please update this? these top 12s are always a good read. this world is clearly not dead yet as there would be more ghosts to eat up
  7. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    i can't even get gold anymore smh
  8. US 76 Casual World - Olynthus Feedback Thread

    This sounds like just what I've been waiting for, just wish it was revolt instead of conquest
  9. New worlds

    What time do new worlds open?
  10. Attack Of The Hydra Feedback Thread

    I hate that it selects your troops for you instead of letting u form your own attacks
  11. New colonize only world

    Will definitely try it out
  12. [Discussion] Event

    I hope the frequency of events stays high. Playing in a speed 1 world, where everything takes FOREVER to build, the events help a ton. Plus they're fun and something more to do when things are dull
  13. Who's still playing in 2018?

    I just started playing again and came back to hyperborea. It's funny reading old threads arguing about this game ending after months, and it's still here years later. I like this world, just wish the speed was at least a 3 and had heroes
  14. New colonize only world

    Many people like myself want to play on a faster world, but don't want to lose a city while we're at work or sleeping. Although I have a life, it sucks not seeing much progress being made because the world is so slow. World speed 4 Unit speed 3 or 4 Colonize only Heroes