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  1. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    Plenty of time and the Circle will only expand and its not like it is a huge city advantage. I am just stating an opinion, whether it will come to pass will see.
  2. Top 3 Sink or Swim

    No one has won because it is first to hit the Dom button, though DW has the advantage in city count and etc Ugly all they have to do is activate Dom 1st they win because the world is slow city takeovers cannot happen quickly. Exit made that same mistake against Jcoo and cost the a victory...
  3. 2 cents

    I mean i feel at this point it has to be only way to curb it, and yes mistakes happen and i have Petion at times on his/her behalf and in cases of mistakes it gets rectified though sometimes not as quickly as you or i would like understandable and i agree with your last part about Ryv. Players...
  4. 2 cents

    Aside from the fact the author of the post is good and know what he is talking about but ty for the input
  5. 2 cents

    LOL i think the thread started out innocent (maybe) enough, then went sideways as it usually does. Mako is only the byproduct of how poorly the game evolved and others like him (no slight just honest opinion) I got nothing against him or anyone. If you Harbor Check or clear a player...
  6. New Community Manager - Hi Mortals

    It can only go up from here, good luck Silver Witch. Hopefully input from players will be heard about what kind of worlds and settings the community wants. Tbom and others led the charge for a special world recently, i have for a long time and other vets of the game and been ignored. Even the...
  7. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    and i do not need spies like you and have won more then you.
  8. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Lets remind people here you a**, who is banned ? you. Every world i played with you its the same thing they are spamming me i need LTS or help. Leaving out the fact that because you were spamming the enemy. Fact is you are a good player but now just another cheat.
  9. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    who cares all this proves is your an idiot it is common knowledge. Farm bots lol damn you got me
  10. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    LOL, no idea with L3 prob just out of alliance no issues there and those who know me i do not use spies.
  11. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Bawla all your points are wrong especially with Imperial we never had any dealings with them only you guys. The fact that you are banned right now you have no leg to stand on bud and its funny how much of a hypocrite you are about bots and cheating you are always the first to call players out...
  12. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    lol and Nate please tell everyone why a quarter of the alliance is not there???? Because they are banned LOL and some mult offenses
  13. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    LOL really, well Nuevo and Death alliances both of them and both Imperial Alliances vs just us and our brother ally???? Yes i call that friending the world Nate.
  14. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Well, you said it you do not play here bc i remember Carphi and there was plenty of complaining from....... As far as here when 8 players get banned at once and some multiple times Ozy yes something is up and even you would say that because i was on the same team as you for a spell. You're...
  15. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Not merging with imperial, where did that come from lol. Funny thing Grim not ban fought the world. Jcoo tactic of friending the world Hawk hated but now embraced. Imperial is not an ally wow get better intel
  16. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    A lot could have gone differently but it is funny that someone disguise's themselves on forum and talk trash. If the Mods did their jobs sooner and issued perm bans on the cheaters, that is only a part of it. In the end it is a game, Grim did not make it to Dom so in the end it is on me.
  17. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Sorry Duck, Cheaters need to be outed bud and what am i imagining? I never said i was better than anyone, so you are dreaming there. And i enjoy the game but not what it has become today which has been laid out by more than just me.
  18. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Grepolis sadly has gone done hill and it's been years, due to various reasons laid out by many and here as well. Grepolis is the 7th grossing game INNO has they do not care. It starts at the top, Head Mod Ryven literally told a player on a phone call he did not care, and his superior was just...
  19. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Dude, stop saying your innocent blah blah blah. The mods save 1 are how can i say it nicely (horrible) and if 1 handed you and others bans then you know you did something wrong. Accept that you are a cheater
  20. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Sy i do not take cheaters on a team, but this is what i got when i took it over. I would have brought far superior players then what is in this world if i dropped a premade. That said, do your job the best you can.