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    TIME TO SAY GOODBYE GRCRT was created and developed with passion. By gamers, for gamers, and over the 13 years of its existence, it has gathered around itself quite a large community of regular users: currently about 10,000 per month (and at its peak even 21,000) from 126 countries around the...
  2. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    The cthonic leader himself ...... Hades! Count Davryll
  3. New World's anytime soon??

    Would love Inno to do one world without Gold, just one! To see how successful or not it would be?
  4. Top 12

    I just don't have as much Gold as some, thats all. If we all could gold everything up, I'm sure many wouldn't be too far behind you! So, early dementia then!? ;)
  5. Top 12

    You were playing before Alpha or are you including the inflation factor or just early onset of dementia? :confused: (the game does get you that way!);) You just boasting that you were playing 9 months before everyone else or you the developer of this game? :)
  6. Release time?

    Can players still log in, having an issue with getting in, can still log in into other Worlds though
  7. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1.Hammered Wookies. - SWIM Sporting its new name, the spark has left the alliance. Its about to lose its top spot. They need to get that urge back and get more players involved in attacking. Renewal of inactive players may instil a new surge after the Easter Event, but we shall see. The...
  8. Sestos Rumor Mill

    Rumour has it........ everyone's leaving for a new World!? <sips coffee, watching the tumbleweed roll by>
  9. War Predictions

    Awesome! How much did you have to spend on Gold to get all that for free?
  10. Alt accounts

    Ok, I should have done ? Better search: my apologies: Can I Play On The Same Internet Connection As Another Player? "‘Yes, this is allowed. If you are sharing an internet connection with another player on the same world you have to declare it by clicking on "Settings" and then "Share Internet...
  11. Alt accounts

    OK, I'm pretty new to the game and still trying to sus it out, but my wife (overlooking my shoulder) wanted to know how it works, I just told her to download her own game! But, I'm now worried that if she does so, because it will be from the same IP address (but different email accounts) will...