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  1. Memorable Moments of Doriliea

    Was I at all relevant in Doriliea, not in the slightest But I'll post this anyways since I find it amusing Apparently Ivelin has no idea how to build myths
  2. This is sad

    Nah there are tons of US players on the EN servers - basically EN servers are where the good (or at least decentish) players go.
  3. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    12/6 Sink/Swim 1. Grim Reapers (And GR2) - SWIM - they haven't really faced too much competition yet imo, so I think if they do they might have some issues, but for now a solid swim with a great core 2. Leroy Jenkins - FLOAT then SINK - led by a delusional man-child, they are 5-27 against Ban...
  4. This is sad

    Not sure how that's at all relevant to the conversation but okay
  5. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Imagine using spies ... pretty cringe tbh Even more so bragging about them on external forums
  6. Announcement Thanksgiving peacetime - 2022

    Stop. That makes too much sense.
  7. Another world another easy dub

    Why would EN not be the way to go?
  8. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Good settings Kinda dead world though (like most US) Early enough to join and still climb the ranks - but you'll have to make the most of Halloween event
  9. World Chat

    Last time I checked I’m ranked higher than you
  10. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    There certainly was for a time, not sure about right now Message Vixen and ask ;) but really bots are pretty overrated in this game ... having gold is way way better than having a bot - I'd also be willing to bet that at minimum 10-20 people are currently botting on this server
  11. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

  12. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Don't worry darling, I'll be back :cool: I know how much your alliance wants me gone Losing a few ranks won't mean too much in the long term
  13. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    To be fair all of the talent on our team is kind of negated by having sworn Gotta have a handicap somehow, makes the world more interesting
  14. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    ;) you sure about that one? hope you can find someone :worrylove:
  15. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    who doesn't :cool:
  16. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Is it a bit early for a sink/swim? Probably - but knowing US worlds, if I wait any longer there will only be 2 teams left so might as well do it now. *Disclaimer - despite the worlds I've played, I know surprisingly few names here (so most of you must be god awful) - so most of this will be...
  17. CQ/Found Time

    12 hours for another server?!?!??! Speed 5 with 12 hour CQ time was already absurdly stupid, and now we have another blown opportunity for 8 hour CQ time Why oh why do you hate us @mods I already know there's no way you can change it cause changing the settings after the world opens could have...
  18. Attack bot

    If it'll take you years of practice I guess you better get started now ;)
  19. Attack bot

    Exactly this, it creates a skill gap in an otherwise pretty easy game
  20. Attack bot

    So if you want to get better you can do that pretty easily with a bit of practice! In my opinion the set up is the most important thing, so if you have a good one of those it's just clicking a few buttons as fast as you can which is easy :)