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  1. RaginCajun50

    Easter Peace?

    They used to have announcements - there was none for this Peace time - ok it started when is it over???
  2. RaginCajun50


    players come here for help and if you give no linc's??? then post is useless
  3. RaginCajun50

    New World Settings Suggestions

    Revolt WW Starting cities : 1 Game Speed: 3 Trading Speed:3 Nite Bonus: Yes Moral: No
  4. RaginCajun50

    US 106 Istros Discussion Thread

    so will new world be sent to e-mails??? or a linc posted???
  5. RaginCajun50


    still un-resolved - i guess as long as i can go to cell and get her i am ok but still bs
  6. RaginCajun50


    i still can not add God Aphrodite from my PC but can add her from my phone
  7. RaginCajun50

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Hades - Nagidos
  8. RaginCajun50

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    yep Hades ruler of underworld and he does have dogs 3 headed ones
  9. RaginCajun50

    New World - Nagidos Discussion Thread

    so does extented inventory i have in another world carry over to here??? it was gift from grepo