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  1. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    Sounds like slasherdan alright...
  2. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    fun fact, ive never ghosted when things get tough? hahahahaha wtf you talkin about
  3. Please make it harder to get fake BP.

    No, but ive seen you force your whole alliance to ghost w/ "project deathstar" just to stay and be a nuisance.
  4. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    Name is kings in game. He was our enemy in the first world i truly played. Where fri took me and bradon in
  5. Rate your MRA!

    it would just come back. This is like a cancer that cant be removed
  6. Rate your MRA!

    jeeesh we still on this?!
  7. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    oh for sure sir. Man I do miss playing with you.
  8. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    Haha kings! I Gotta back up cfrf here. With this squad, we have dominated.
  9. MK prophets?

    mako has been owned by every alliance he has played against in the past... idk... 5 worlds?
  10. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    <3 Gotta play together again in the future!
  11. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    GG all, im glad you made it fun :)
  12. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    Shame that vegas is gonna take your money
  13. MK prophets?

    eh, mako is awful, but its true the whole alliance relies on him. Thanks for doing the work of ruining him.
  14. Sink or Swim

    Havent you ghosted like the last 3/4 worlds?
  15. Mako the poor :(

    I love me a good mako bash. That guy sucks at the game
  16. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Now this is some good ol fashioned grep forums
  17. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    yeah but youre talking makos team, which we made go vm in 109, which effected istros. Youre welcome
  18. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    i appreciate your tenacity to keep the forums live, but you might need to seek counseling. Your mind is skewed
  19. Sink or Swim top 5

    Oh yeah, he talked the talk, too bad he really just cant walk...