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  1. Rate your MRA!

    Lmfao ^^^ Facts! ^^^ You can’t fight a nice a** lol mugula I surrender let’s just move on.. girl power!
  2. Rate your MRA!

    What are you chatting on about woman! Like you said go bk and read the posts. I’ve not dis Belles real life at all I’ve supported it! “News flash” too you men like too see hot girls why tf would I be dissing her lmao. If a hot woman walks past me on a beach in a bikini I’m checking that a** out...
  3. Rate your MRA!

    So basically you’re saying Belle has no intelligence or skill regarding Grepolis and her power is only due too her exposing herself? You’re actually insulting females rofl obviously she’s got power in that regard because she’s hot as f*$k! 90% of females wouldn’t do what she does due too the...
  4. Rate your MRA!

    Dreadnought? He's being to nice too her, personally think he's a full on simp. lmao.. him and debbi should hook up
  5. Rate your MRA!

    You're missing the point of what mega's saying dude, basically in here she takes what she wants then finishes with you. He's not referring to her rl which is probably the same lol Give up with you dude. Perfect song/video too explain it too you. This was made for Sparrow belle, she actually...
  6. Rate your MRA!

    And yet you’re here, commenting and insulting people lmao dumba$$
  7. Rate your MRA!

    So guess your screens all sticky then from playing with Belle. Not interested in your fantasy with sparrow thanks. We should stop speaking of her work, like most she probably cums here too relax after a hard day working and doesn’t want too be reading or speaking about her work, why she...
  8. Unnecessary Top 10 (It's US server, there's literally 0 point but I get boosted in exchange for doing this)

    Lmao you the guy that got played in 115 ? Was that you I was speaking with there? Dude that sh!t cracked me up rofl.
  9. Rate your MRA!

    LMFAO Done speaking with you.
  10. Rate your MRA!

    100% agree I Like her but she’s a woman that knows her power and uses that. Not just for game but for real life. Fair play too her but Grepolis isn’t the place for it. Go miss her but this community is not the right one for her. You dudes are getting angry with me and mega but check the posts we...
  11. Rate your MRA!

    And if she come's back here this is no joke! I'm starting too believe mega lmao She has been sponsored or has some agreement with Innogames. She speaks and threads boom. Starting too get suspicious. My first allegation!
  12. Rate your MRA!

    Dude I've said all along I like her but will speak my mind. I've agreed with her and disagreed with her, when she's tried too get threads back on topic I've helped. Never made allegations only pointed out what's been confirmed or admitted too by Belle herself. So not sure what your chatting on...
  13. Rate your MRA!

    I don't want her too leave rofl. She's lots of fun. Genuinely did not mean too offend her.
  14. Rate your MRA!

    lmfao. See you tomorrow then. Goodnight Belle. $?? per sub? Yeah, No "try" just buy...So you f*&ked up. Guessing how the number was very random 136 not 135 or 150 It's accurate. That's all I was getting at. Wasn't an attack. No offense belle but you posted screen shots of you doing 1 million BP...
  15. Rate your MRA!

    Belle f*&ked up a bit with her reply here, Debbi needs come for damage control
  16. Rate your MRA!

    Fact - She posted topless photo in her alliance chat in Dion (brought up by fellow player confirmed by belle blaming her friend) Fact - She sends media in game (not denied by belle) Fact - She used web-cam to kill Charlie in EN (belle said sorry) Fact - She's a sex worker her filter is not the...
  17. Rate your MRA!

    Hell Yes! Ignore megalopsuchia. Be naughty! teach him a valuable lesson, he deserves it. Tbf you've already said "thong" so might as well just go full rage. Just - where them girls at Belle!! fetch them here! merge our communities.
  18. Rate your MRA!

    LMAO please invite me too Megalopsuchia's alliance! Your replies are the best! But belle I'm married remember. I'm aware you're not an actual Russian spy! was just stating some facts that might hinder debbi's pursuit for justice. But you can stripper boot my head at your leisure/pleasure rofl...
  19. Rate your MRA!

    Unlike mega I do like Natalia, Just you I have issue with.
  20. Rate your MRA!

    What do you know mega? spill!! ? We all deserve to know rofl on a serious note though debbi you really don't help belle, Was me that "shot you down" last time. Complaining too the base wont bring any good for belle! at all, Megas spot on with that. She's Russian can you imagine with all...