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  1. CatPuncher

    US 105 - Heliopolis Feedback Thread

    Not interested. It's way to quick for my lifestyle and it's revolt. No heroes world, conquest 1/2/3 speed alliance limit like 60.
  2. CatPuncher

    Speed 1, Conquest World

    I'd take a speed 2. I personally don't want island quests or heroes. I play on EN. but I created this account in hopes of maybe US having a server I would enjoy, I was sadly mistaken besides worlds like US 96 that have been going forever and I haven't a chance at making the slightest play...
  3. CatPuncher

    Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    I'd love to see the servers combined. This one seems to be pretty dead, I personally have never played here in US, but created a account in hopes for a good world that tickles my fancy, and per usual I have been let down. But the forum staff here are much friendlier than EN.
  4. CatPuncher

    Speed 1, Conquest World

    I'd like to see a speed 1 conquest world, without heroes. I miss the older style of Grepolis. I am cool with mythical units and gold, but the heroes thing can go. Anybody else like to see a slower world? It's easier to play for the long haul.