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  1. Eretria Milestones

    Come play revolt shawk :)
  2. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    1) Grim Reapers - FLOAT then SINK - Grim Reapers currently hold the strongest cards in the game. They can choose to continue to be pacted to Ban Squad-- help take out Ban Squads only competition, and then just hand the win to Ban Squad. OR they can man up and stop hugging. (better never see any...
  3. Most important thread for this world

    Congratulations to all of my teammates who were absolute BEASTS this world and ANY time that I needed ANY thing at all-- someone was there INSTANTLY. A TRUE TEAM with 2 of the best leaders (better than I am) I've ever seen-- Cragar and Fridel. Also, congratulations to all of the staunch...
  4. Sink or Swim US105

    I miss these, but that's dead on. I'd almost put Fae and them as a SWIM though but only because of their proximity to Act of Valor and with them definitely being a sink, I think they can pick off enough of their pieces (as they collapse) to form up and be the strongest non-family, non-evil...
  5. US 105 - Heliopolis Feedback Thread

    Great settings! I will be joining this world as a free agent and I'm bringing a couple of tight knit friends with me. We might pirate it up for a bit!