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  1. Volzaac

    Ares Feedback Thread

    I don't disagree on that fact. I believe that Ladons still are a little too nerfed for US servers, but like many people have said, I don't think the devs care for US servers anymore. EN servers are so much bigger than ours and it's saddening, but what can I say? Ladons will still work late game...
  2. Volzaac

    Ares Feedback Thread

    It depends on the situation. I think Ladons are still going to be powerful, it's just going to be situational. I'm really interested to try out ladons on a conquest world, especially if it's a WW. Ladons are going to be very meh on revolt worlds and not the best on Dom I will admit. However, I...
  3. Volzaac

    Event-Server 101

    Mega is right. Never was truly alive. Only an illusion.
  4. Volzaac

    Wind of change

    I have the majority of rookies in my alliance as well as small time veterans who still don't understand the game well. I very much agree with the morale being turned off. My players are going to have slower growth because they are still getting used to the game and growing their cities properly...
  5. Volzaac

    Desperately Seeking . . .

    Im just like trying not to die. Thanks for the offer though.