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  1. Aurabolt

    Some background

    Basically anyone who isn't paranoid about Exit gets trashed and accused of shit. LOL. I'm one of the newest examples of this. Some people legit think I'm some random person named Taksor and that I played on US103 which I never did. Both are easy to prove. LOL.
  2. Aurabolt

    Looks like it's down to the top two Alliances right now

    Why do you people think I'm someone else? It's easy to prove I only have one account. I've got my self respect. No one owns me or my time. LOL.
  3. Aurabolt

    Some people seem to think I played on this server

    No idea why some people think I played on this server let alone have another account. LOL. Some people are convinced I am some random guy named Taksor. Anyone who actually knows me knows I only go by Aurabolt. No other name. I don't know who that person is and don't want to know either personally.
  4. Aurabolt

    Looks like it's down to the top two Alliances right now

    I mean between Monsters Inc and Love and Hate. I've added some new names to my blacklist and will add some more after my run on this server eventually ends. I'm also probably gonna have to lead an Alliance in the next Conquest server I decide to play on. Looking back at it now, I should've done...
  5. Aurabolt

    Some background

    I really don't get the obsession a lot of people have with hating Exit personally. I mean damn, they're letting him live rent-free in their heads. LOL.
  6. Aurabolt

    US 104 - Gortyn Feedback Thread

    Finally, a new Conquest World--and it's Domination <3 The beginning is gonna be attrition. LOVE IT! Even if the first alliance I roll with ends up being a bust, this not being a super fast server means I can stick around for longer than I did the last Conquest world I was on several months back.
  7. Aurabolt

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Revolt World. Eww. Hard pass for me.
  8. Aurabolt

    Idea: NPC City States, Alliances and Factions

    I feel like at this point, this is something that should be introduced to add some unpredictability and variety to the game. Let's go through each but first, a new Mechanic: Diplomacy. Diplomacy Adds new features to the Agora, Senate, Marketplace and Temple related to it once they reach...
  9. Aurabolt

    Casual Worlds with Conquest System

    I personally hate the Revolt System and I know I'm not the only one. How about adding a Casual World with the Conquest System? Game speed: 2 Unit speed: 3 Trade speed: 2 Night bonus: No Beginners protection: 7 Days Alliance limit: 50 Conquer system: Conquest Morale: No Endgame: None Like...
  10. Aurabolt

    It turned out to be just a House of Cards

    Unlikely. Too many people know who they are and how to spot them even under different names. I only knew them very briefly but it was long enough to know they're not the type who can hide their real identities as Jim and War for too long. You can't cost 20+ people a crown and expect people to...
  11. Aurabolt

    Warborn/Jim the Mountain greatest duo ever missing - need help to find

    Ah, so THIS is the real reason they left Dion. Thanks for confirming we were being played on Dion. I'd heard rumors to that effect but thanks for confirming. So glad I ghosted when I did yesterday now.
  12. Aurabolt

    It turned out to be just a House of Cards

    I'm referring to Tea.exe. TL;DR Version: Alliance leadership left, I didn't want to stick around and ghosted for various reasons. Long Version: As soon as the three Founders disappeared 3 days ago, people lost interest in playing seriously or stepping up. I got a pretty good concensus...
  13. Aurabolt

    Three Years After Opening, this server needs some updates and adjustments

    Well that needs to change. Not just for this server but Hyperborea too. At least add Persephone, Ares and Heroes to those servers.
  14. Aurabolt

    The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    You do raise some valid points here and you're right. There simply is no place or space for new players to learn from experienced players anymore compared to years' past. Hyperborea is for people who don't want to lose cities or are Semi-retired. Olynthus us for Gold Farming. I do think more...
  15. Aurabolt

    Spartan Assassins Spring 2021 Feedback Thread

    Hit the nail on the head. I came out of VM last Wednesday and knew not to expect us to get Community Goals 3-5 this time. The fact of the matter is there are not a lot of active players and this event didn't account for that.
  16. Aurabolt

    The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    True, but it's really the only way we can put a stop to that practice. I also never said it would be easy, just necessary. Naturally, it will also take some time before we start seeing meaningful changes.
  17. Aurabolt

    Exits - rumors and gossip

    I Ghosted last week about 2 hours after coming out of VM. The US Servers are basically dead and the EN servers are slowing trending in that direction based on what I'm seeing. Folks don't get it. When you use people like that you can't be surprised when no one wants to work with you later...
  18. Aurabolt

    The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    A year later, it's become more obvious Rampant Golding is a top issue on US Servers. Like you said, Inno's not gonna do anything that will mess with their cashflow so...yeah. Some options for people to level the playing field need to be implemented even if they're region or server exclusive at...
  19. Aurabolt

    New market rework and building/troop gold use.

    This should be in the ideas forum I think. On topic, your ideas are a good start. Here's what I'd tweak: Have everyone start with 50 Gold to cut builds by 50% off the bat. Instant complete is gated behind having a cultural level of 3 or higher AND having the Merchant active. I would have a...
  20. Aurabolt

    Returning from Vacation Mode Shortly

    I messaged you back but in short, I decided to Ghost the server. The info you and two others who messaged me made that decision a very easy one to make on the spot. I'm just done being bounced around Alliances for one. It was also obvious by that point loyalty means little these days to too...