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  1. US 108 - Leontini Feedback Thread

    I don't understand why such slow speed in both US and EN worlds. Does Inno make more money on slow worlds -- because players spend more gold to build and recruit? I thought fast worlds were usually released for the summer.
  2. US 108?

    A new EN world starts on May 10, so I would expect a new US world at that time, too? EN is Olympus end game, speed 2.
  3. Way too early top 10 sink or swim

    Let’s be honest here, Megs. You catered to taksor. You encouraged him. He pretended to be a leader who dominated the forum, and you allowed him to direct alliance strategy. You catered to taksor because you owed him. He handed out free cities and resources. Most everyone knew he was using an...
  4. 103 discord?

    The US market is just one big happy family. /sarc
  5. 103 discord?

    You all are welcome to join our world chat for us100. We also have players from 101 and 102.
  6. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Some of them won't deny they use team viewer. If they don't get caught, it is not cheating, right? lol
  7. dead world

    Since US102 world chat is deleted and dead, you are all welcome to join US100 world chat. There is often discussion about this world there.
  8. Grepolis Update 2.246 Discussion Thread

    When you try to trade with farming villages via the farming overview, it doesn't work anymore.
  9. Grepolis Update 2.245 Discussion Thread

    This update is causing the game to lag along with many other issues listed on another thread. There was no notification of the update today?
  10. Only 500 fav cap?

    This issue is fixed on the EN server, but it is still not fixed on the US server? When can we expect the +50 favor fix?
  11. Only 500 fav cap?

    FYI -- Got a reply from the EN world: Grepolis - Customer Support 2021-06-03 04:13:18 Hello Selectron1, The buff is certainly permanent there is just a bug with it at the moment that...
  12. New World Byblos Discussion Thread

    US 100 World Chat Discord
  13. New Game Mode: Domination Feedback Thread

    In the beta domination world that I played, the top alliance had a rotation system for their top 12-15 players to get more BPs and culture points. The 1st player would leave their alliance stuffed with troops for alliance members to kill, then they would return and the next player would leave...
  14. [Discussion] Battle Points

    I couldn't find the exact BP changes, I was going by the discussion in the Dev Blog. Attacking alliance/pact members Attacking/Defending alliance member units generates 20% of the total battle points. (It would help to see the exact wording from the Changelog about the 20% BP reduction and...
  15. [Discussion] Battle Points

    I agree, the cool-down concept is a good idea. Leaving and returning to your alliance to get full BPs is silly and exploits the rules. That looks like BP cheating and should carry some penalty. Inactives, kicked players and traitors are an internal alliance issue and should not be the basis...
  16. [Discussion] Morale / Low Morale Exploits

    Nori, I will also try to be more clear. There isn't much difference here with respect to gaining BPs. And I know you appreciate the feedback. 1. As you suggested, the alliance with the one-city low morale player has "such a huge advantage (~30% morale for sieges)". 2. You and your...
  17. [Discussion] Morale / Low Morale Exploits

    @morg I know you know the rules/cheats inside and out, but at first impression, it looks like you bend some rules to help yourself and your alliance, and you are also asking for rule changes that will currently benefit you. Sorry, but as a member of the Players Council, it comes across as...
  18. [Discussion] Morale / Low Morale Exploits

    Thank you, Nori/Morg/Molinillo (I hope I spelled that correctly) for watching for cheats. Low morale is supposed to help those players with few points survive. If they have attackable bans, they still have a small number of points (or even less if they lose cities). I assume that changing...
  19. [Discussion] Event

    Well said. I will gold (or not) depending on the value of the prize or perk offered. I also like events with community goals. To be fair, Grepolis exists to make a profit. So Inno is trying to find ways where players will spend the most money, while still claiming the events can be played...
  20. Grepolympia - The Greek Cup Feedback Thread

    Agreed -- same as quitting an alliance to get around the new 20% BP rule and then returning. Maybe the 3 day rule should be applied, similar to jumping alliances during world wonders.