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  1. Chrict

    Morale Doesn't Belong on Conquest Worlds

    I think the original intention of morale as a way to protect new an inexperienced players was decent. That said, the game isn't advertised and pushed to new players anymore. There is no growth and thus no need for morale. This game has lost more players, and real income from those players...
  2. Chrict

    Dionysia 2022 Feedback Thread

    They show up in your extended inventory. Open inventory window and look at the bottom of all the stuff. IF they aren't there submit a ticket. Help from Inno here is minimal at best.
  3. Chrict

    US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    They let me join which slowed them down a bit
  4. Chrict

    How ?

    My understanding is the world chat is full of trash talk. I'm delicate so I don't go there.
  5. Chrict

    Fire Ships not offering BP?

    No bp when defending a ghost city.
  6. Chrict

    whats up with the last update? bugs all over

    Troops not showing up is an absolute killer when trying to time. Getting REALLY annoying.
  7. Chrict

    hero assignment freezes site

    I have a similar issue on Firefox. Page locks for 15-20 seconds and then updates with changes.
  8. Chrict

    Hephaestus Blessing - February Special Worlds Feedback Thread

    You get that city as it is. Basically you found on a rock or you wait for an anchor to pop on a farm island to get a chance at the different blessing cities. This is taken directly from the explanation in the Important Announcements tab. "Worlds which have the Blessing of Hephaestus expand on...
  9. Chrict

    New World - Selymbria

    Settings look like fun.
  10. Chrict


    I was going to write some giant post about every little aspect of Lato. I was going to talk about how these forum fights seem to happen in every world you are a part of and even the ones you aren't. I was going to point out each little contradiction in your post. Then I figured you were upset...
  11. Chrict


    I'm going to use your name, Paul, so it is easier for those who know you under a different screen names. You can use Chrict, or Jeff if you choose to respond. In Imbros I played as Cr0w. Paul, your implication that there was any hugging here is totally and completely incorrect. TITANS are a...
  12. Chrict

    Top 5 Sink or Swim

    Just want to clarify some points. I hate some of the talk on forums. It never falls back on ONE individual. People tend to forget their teammates when engaging in arguments , insults and talking trash. Attention to detail is crucial. Emotions run a little too high in this game from time to time...
  13. Chrict

    PnP: A Perfect Vacation....From Playing Well

    All I can think right now is...."Maul is best"
  14. Chrict

    PnP: A Perfect Vacation....From Playing Well

    Can't go wrong for the price!
  15. Chrict

    PnP: A Perfect Vacation....From Playing Well

    I knew it! I'm a nibbler myself.
  16. Chrict

    PnP: A Perfect Vacation....From Playing Well

    Ok..seriously. Let's just get down to what all this drama is really about. Tell us the truth, Dan. No hiding behind some excuse or touting some accomplishment from another world years ago. Do you peel the breading off of your McNuggets before you dip them in the sauce or do you just eat them...
  17. Chrict

    The fall of Young guns

    Cry Havoc didn't use you. Walkor took pity on you and invited you into our alliance. Walkor has sense been flogged repeatedly.
  18. Chrict

    Top 12

    I admire the work and the time invested!
  19. Chrict

    Trash Talk

    I'm excited. My second post ever on the externals. Usually I just lurk around and read the nonsense. But I figured I have 2 cents, might as well cash them in. As far as Cry Havoc and Pigs working together...that's a bit of an exaggeration. We have one guy who has cities in O55 who does in fact...
  20. Chrict

    Trash Talk

    Just clarification...Chrict. Not Christ. My ego isn't that big. And most of CH didn't care. But don't pretend you had ops going on all of my cities prior to the knowledge I couldn't get online. 90% of those attacks came after the message was sent to let Cats know I was with family in the...