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  1. Meg TheBeagle

    Rate your MRA!

    Bye Bye
  2. Meg TheBeagle

    Rate your MRA!

    I think ghosting without telling your alliance could be worse. At least you guys got some of his cities
  3. Meg TheBeagle

    Rate your MRA!

    I just wonder why every thread here has to be hijacked with the same discussion
  4. Meg TheBeagle

    Easter Peace?

    I saw on the EN forum that there will be a peace time for Easter. Wondering if the US will as well. TIA
  5. Meg TheBeagle

    A match well played

    Cite some actual facts to back this up.
  6. Meg TheBeagle

    Poseidons Trident

    My favorite was the year a UFO beamed cows up from the farm
  7. Meg TheBeagle

    Grepolis Update Thread 2.281 Discussion Thread

    I miss the "delete" button on the report window - where'd it go?
  8. Meg TheBeagle

    US 115 - Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    The announcement said Olympus endgame
  9. Meg TheBeagle

    US 114 - Teos Feedback Thread

    PERFECT!!! Edit: Oh - didn't see those little "-" signs
  10. Meg TheBeagle

    Mobile App Dev Blog Feedback Thread

    As suggested, I put in a support ticket on my issue of the new mobile app not working. I got a speedy response from a Mod who said my ticket was being passed on to the tech guys. That was over a week ago. With the 1/2/23 date quickly approaching, am I delusional in hoping for a resolution...
  11. Meg TheBeagle

    Dionysia 2022 Feedback Thread

    I played this recently on the beta server and there were issues. I'm very disappointed to see it go live. Like others, I want the old holiday event.
  12. Meg TheBeagle

    Mobile App Dev Blog Feedback Thread

    I can't get the new app to run at all? I have un/re-installed many times. The first Grepolis flash screen loads but there's no place for me to login in Do I submit a ticket?
  13. Meg TheBeagle

    Dionysia 2022 Feedback Thread

    I saw it for a minute a couple of hours before 10:00 then poof. EN would have had it earlier but judging from their feedback thread, I'd say we shouldn't hold our breath.
  14. Meg TheBeagle

    New Mobile App Update - Nov 2022 Feedback Thread

    I installed the new app when a promise of a super-duper gift was waiting for me. I'm a sucker I get the opening Grepo screen but it just hangs - no menu - no response to my manic touching of the phone. Have un/reinstalled a few time already
  15. Meg TheBeagle

    Announcement Thanksgiving peacetime - 2022

    I don't know what type of compensation the COMA gets for a totally thankless TOTALLY THANKLESS job but it probably isn't enough. I'd bet that the "burn out" factor on the job has something to do with it too. Personally, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It isn't that peace/no peace...
  16. Meg TheBeagle

    Thanksgiving 2019 - Peace?

    Apparently no TG peace, 2022
  17. Meg TheBeagle

    Thanksgiving 2019 - Peace?

    Will there be a Thanksgiving Peacetime for 2022? Inquiring Minds . . .
  18. Meg TheBeagle

    inventory tab

    I have/had the same issue. I need to close all other diaglog boxes before I can access it. The same is true for opening any other windows except I need to click the link (i.e. senate) several times to bring it to the front. I did a ticket and was told it would be forwarded to the devs but...
  19. Meg TheBeagle

    Divine Trials Feedback Thread

    This event will not become one of my favorites. I found it fairly easy to complete the tasks, get my points, and buy my big goodies. However, I was disappointed that the reset for the daily tasks didn't revert to $50 each day.
  20. Meg TheBeagle

    Divine Trials Feedback Thread

    Is the event not being offered on 112?