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  1. Allows a horrible experience/ monopoly

    You thugs who run this game have allowed a one take all, destroying this game. Conquer Factory where everyone is above 114,000 There no where to compete! NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WOULD WINI was wiped out by 4-5 hitting me over and over, you have again, allowed a game destructive monopoly to destroy...
  2. Hello U.S. team players. like to hear from you so I know everything works. :)

    looking for someone who can fix my software, my wall went from 16 o zero, my farm from 33 to 11. lost all my troops, lost port, lost lost lost lost!
  3. moderator

    help, big time software glitch, example of what happened: wall was 21 now zero, lost troops, lost ships, all building levels dropped, some dropped 16 levels! I no longer have manicores - owned 5, would need to spend thousand of gold and time to get back to high levels! New to this game...
  4. Software Errors, Help!