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  1. CQ/Found Time

    Nope 24 hour conquests take it or leave it
  2. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    The man is bad bad
  3. Early Pharae Sink/Swim

    Eh sworns in fear factor so I give them a fat L
  4. CQ/Found Time

    12 hours is too short tbh, bump it up to 16 hours so I can get a good nights sleep
  5. Predictions

    Counter argument, chum bucket has me and ive been on a 9 year losing streak, so we will see lmao
  6. New World Settings Suggestions

    Conquest world end game: DOM Game speed: 1/2 Unit speed: 1/4 Trading Speed: 1/8 Night bonus: 12 hours Morale: Doubled
  7. Speed 1 Worlds Need an Extra Culture Creator

    Bro you arguing with yourself at this point XD
  8. Tyche's Wheel of Fortune - Spring 2022 Feedback Thread

    Think you need to limit the amount of prizes there are in 1 spin, if you don`t use gold theres a good chance you can`t get the daily reward everyday Personally idc cause I use gold but tryna see it from others perspective
  9. Grepolis Draft 2.0

    I would be interested
  10. Share internet connection

    *cough**cough* use a VPN Not that I would ever use that *cough**cough* *cough* no bans pls mods *cough*
  11. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    The man switches in game names so often no one knows him enough to give a post XD
  12. US 108 - Leontini Feedback Thread

    This would make the world twice as playable
  13. US 108?

    How about 1 1/1 WW with morale?
  14. Easter break?

    EN servers are not having one, US typicallys follows what they do so I assume not
  15. Question

    Not that I know off, I would check the EN forums, there is a lot more activity and guides on there, US forums are dead
  16. Predictions

    Not a sink or swim as its too early to see but just general predictions because I`m bored as hell Popo Trident and popo Trident ll - Definitely mass recruited a ton, I don`t think they are going to do well early, however, I assume/advise that they are going to monitor their members activity...

    You can request it be transferred to a world different world just don`t use any of the rewards
  19. US 107 - Kastoria feedback thread.

    I feel like ive seen that alliance name before