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  1. Night time bonus hero? & TYPO!

    I don't play on the US because of the night bonus, and I agree that night bonus is stupid. But the point of night bonus is for those who like to sleep to be able to. Making a hero against the sole purpose of a mechanic is kinda bad... I mean imagine making a hero that would always make your luck...
  2. Night time bonus hero? & TYPO!

    first of all very few european players on US and it's actually the opposite most US players play on EN, and there is already an Odysseus hero...
  3. Why Joining the Draconar Alliance is Unique...

    I don't know what weird coincidence brought this up but I am laughing a lot. (Look at my name if you have not understood what I mean). Cheers to you for putting this up, if only more team leader did this the community would be bigger.
  4. Video guide

    Hey everyone! This is just a breif video about some tips and tricks for the newer players that joined this world. Feel free to drop me any suggestions or comments: Cheers!
  5. Youtube

    Hey guys! I have been doing a couple of videos about grepolis and I just published one! Here is the link: Please share your opinions with me about it! Thanks for your time!
  6. Top 12

    Looking forward to that même page
  7. Top 12

    Nevermind I will just ask the guys who joined us from rogue 2/diomedes/necessary evil or whatever. Unless you are a good story teller then the gold is otw
  8. Top 12

    Maybe the leaders are having an identity crisis?? What happened in let's call it "the great split" or is it highly classified)
  9. Top 12

    And rogue 2 changed their name again... What's up with you guys?
  10. Trash Talk

    Lmao bragging about taking 2 cities 1 in core that we didn't bother about and the other was an inactive. Check your facts.
  11. Trash Talk

    That is still undecided
  12. Milestones

    yes like the first alliance to make a despised move like poaching members.
  13. Milestones

    LOL taking one city in your core is nothing. You shouldn't even mention this lmao. For the people that don't know, they took a 1.5k in their core from us. You should get a milestone for that. First alliance to take a city from us. You know we will be in the hall of fame in a couple months.
  14. Milestones

    Redepmtion 5k-10k DBP
  15. Milestones

    Redemption first to 250k
  16. Top 12 Potatoes

    Lmao check grepolife here's the link: you could literally see out ABP is double yours... Is that quests too?? Yeah I'll give you my non-existant PayPal. Never spent a dime on the game lol
  17. Top 12 Potatoes

    Lmao you are whining on this but the fact is that it's a 66-42, not a huge difference yet when you see ranking we are double you in all ranking whether it is points/BP... get glasses again, you are making too many mistakes here and in milestones lol
  18. Undecided's totally unbiased milestones

    Read the forums next time, it is in the regular milestones...
  19. Top 12 Potatoes

    Lol and the hug against us begins lmao, good job undecided and mountain hugging pre-bp
  20. Milestones

    Redemption first to gain 5k average pts.