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  1. US 116 - Chania Discussion Thread

    Would of liked to see at least a 3 speed and morale, but it shouldn't be to bad!
  2. US 115 - Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    Does that mean it is World Wonders?
  3. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    Yep they sure thought they had that one in the bag!
  4. Diabolic vs. Project Mayhem

    Istros had a for sure winner to, until proven wrong!!!
  5. Congrats To Legion Of Death

    Congratulations to Legion Of Death for winning WW. A very valiantly fought war before WW and a amazing WW win.
  6. New World Settings Suggestions

    Revolt WW Hephaestus's Blessing Starting Cities: 3 Game speed: 3 Unit speed: 3 Trading Speed: 3 Night bonus: Yes Morale: Yes Why not just preset worlds with Revolt WW and Conquest WW coming out at the same time with the above heading I listed and the have the Domination versions come out at...
  7. US 106 ISTROS

    Yes That is what I thought to, but when one of my leaders asked grepo, via ticket they said June 10, which to me was way to soon for a slow world.
  8. US 106 ISTROS

    Can one of the Mods confirm the WW starting date for istros... June 10 seems awful early, but date could be read October 6...
  9. US 105 - Heliopolis Feedback Thread

    Hard Pass!!! Love Revolt but hate Domination worlds...
  10. WW has now started

    And the winner is!!!! Woohoo! Way to go Crabs!
  11. WW has now started

    Let the games begin!!!
  12. Saving This World

    A little tricky with the first and second place alliances being so far ahead of the rest, but maybe something can be figured out. If not, then there is always the next world!
  13. Saving This World

    Interesting!!! Very Interesting!!! In the end aren't all servers just down to the top 2 alliances and usually one pact each to swap for crowns also! This world is certainly a series of unfortunate events, but it is not the fault of any of the surviving alliances. Tea exploded from the inside...
  14. Predictions here.

    OK since this is a Predictions Here thread and not really a Sermon Thread, I predict the following... Crabs and Crabs2 continue to bump and grind their way through this world! Clowns and Havoc, will do an admirable job trying to wear Crabs and Crabs2 down, but in the end I predict they will...
  15. Predictions here.

    Anyone's Game!!! I don't think so!
  16. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    Ahh ghost founding!!! A very strategic option I have also used in the past. Works very well in worlds were you start with 3 cities... You can ghost up 2 complete islands in minutes... Ghost, then attack or spy as soon as you come back so you lose your BP, and then ghost again and again and...
  17. Any one joining?

    I prefer founding preferable on rocks beside my first city/cities... It creates a good tire personal core... I then work on the cities or anchors on my first city's island!!!
  18. World Wonders

    It a tight one this time around and the odds on favorite ain't leading!
  19. Nagidos Sink / Swim

    Thank you for this post! It certainly explained a lot more and without the bs of trying to make a defensive player feel bad because he wasn't on the frontlines attacking all the time. Greatly appreciate it! As for me calling those that left Traitors, perhaps it was a little harsh of a word to...
  20. Next world

    Worlds should be already predetermined and in logical sequencing. One World Speed 1, One Speed 4, Rotating out Conquests WW and Domination, One World Speed 1, One Speed 4, both Revolt. Rotating out WW and Domination.