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  1. Lord Corny

  2. Lord Corny

    Hello U.S. team players. like to hear from you so I know everything works. :)

    hey i saw your other post send in a ticket here the link to support .
  3. Lord Corny

    Dionysia 2022 Feedback Thread

    yea they had one a while back just like this one and its not great. but lets see the awards we win atleast we don't have to kill our troops for this one
  4. Lord Corny

    Dionysia 2022 Feedback Thread

    well no if you don't see it then its hasn't started yet . email was for the buff
  5. Lord Corny


    welcome to the us severs .the redheaded step child
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  7. Lord Corny


    can some one tell me how i can post the maps from grepolife into internal forums. i know you have to use different site so you can edit it but im lost after that TNA Corny
  8. Lord Corny

    How ?

    damn you two get a room
  9. Lord Corny

    user profile question(s)

    is it same account if not then thats why
  10. Lord Corny

    Power Rankings - Week 3

    come on lets not give him a bigger head then he already has
  11. Lord Corny

    Some background

  12. Lord Corny

    dead world

    dude im not confused im OLD
  13. Lord Corny

    dead world

    Hey Raevon yall are not the reason everyone ghosted . we weren't scared of yall at all [and i still aint ]. what happened is whats been happening on almost every sever anymore someone got pissed off at someone and instead of just brushing it off and being the bigger person .they go off and blow...
  14. Lord Corny

    dead world

    your right on princess K . hell with less then 400 players way does anyone need a pact with anyone i can see maybe a temp nap and then only a temp nap but a damn pact come on guys this is a war game after all .
  15. Lord Corny

    dead world

  16. Lord Corny

    -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    hell hes whole damn alliance went vaca . wth why even start if you dont plan on finishing .no wonder the us severs are the black sheep of grepo
  17. Lord Corny

    Wind of change

    hey poodle dawgs what happened why did yall restart ???and move into your own only ask because im just nosey
  18. Lord Corny

    Event-Server 101

    hahahahaha no more myths awesome .i like it