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  1. US 116 - Chania Discussion Thread

    The US servers are dying and the least thing you can do to keep the community and game alive (on US), is make a poll and interact with the community. Instead, you throw random worlds with random settings and with very late notice. Probably another dead server.
  2. Creating Gold Free Worlds

    Good luck responding to Al low iQ tickets.
  3. Creating Gold Free Worlds

    First things first, bring active mods who really have knowledge on the game (e.g., timing).
  4. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Rip Xeno. Now he will submit 100 tickets saying that you are cheating and ruining his grepo experience... SPAM !!
  5. Grepolis Sink/Swim

  6. Grepolis Sink/Swim

    Have fun, now he will post another 300 tickets whining to mods. Seriously, stop whining. Ozy made a valid point. Even people on us113 are laughing at your complaints. You had 2 full alliances and yet, you kept reaching people to recruit them (you kick VM people and recruit active ones). So, you...
  7. Another world another easy dub

    It's time to quit US Community brother.
  8. This is sad

    Soon it won't be the case. One of the moderators considered timing (real timing not fake attacks) as spam. Yes, fun fact.
  9. CQ/Found Time

    Small alliance, long CQ, "fast" world.
  10. Attack bot

    To be able to distinguish between a skilled & committed player and a casual player.
  11. Attack bot

    As Hawk mentioned above, a human can have +10 attempts (on English server i Managed to reach 11-12 attempts, but on average 10). Therefore, it is not a bot my friend.
  12. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim
  13. With last stand pressed.....

    I bet you are talking about this idiot who came back to life when world is over, lol.
  14. Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?

    She talks about playing fair whereas she got caught botting many times. Interesting...
  15. New World Settings Suggestions

    I believe it is better to create a new separate thread as people still think that this one is related to the revolt world.
  16. New World Settings Suggestions

    Revolt Endgame: Domination Game Speed: 4+ Unit/Trade Speed: 4 Moral: No Night Bonus: Yes
  17. 'Issues with Tissues'

  18. 'Issues with Tissues'

    I don't like forums but I have to reply to someone who is acting tough. You did clear few cities (few), but I really don't remember you landing on my cities :). KI succeeded in landing a cs but we broke it easily. Another thing, I don't clear cities, I just take them. Make sure to rush walls...
  19. Top 12

    You whining about 1 single ping. I was doing random HCs and saw that one my attacks were heading to your city, so I recalled immediately. Else, I never pinged you.