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  1. Predictions

    Swim: Hixr the one true Viking Sink: Vikings I will forever be the best Viking ...
  2. Exits - rumors and gossip

    More lazy grep playing to kill a world and from the players who entered this world saying they figured their stuff out and won’t end up hugging the world.
  3. New World - Tegea Feedback Thread

    When can we expect the next revolt dom. world?
  4. World Wonders

    Anyone’s game
  5. World Wonders

    Are we ready to RUMBLE!
  6. War Updates

    Aye Vind. get yourself in the new world! I'll help you get caught up! though you won't need my help! Its obvious what happened to that server. Coming Soon was robbed of their win.. don't waste your time with anyone who says otherwise! Obviously delusional and unable to be reasoned with!
  7. Nagidos Sink / Swim

    In the end, no one could resist their hugs..! They are just so gosh darn good at hugging!
  8. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    you heard it here! ban shock! he proved just now that he's better than botting. and if he's better than a computer he must be running super computer botting programs :D
  9. No Night Bonus Pegasae

    very late to this conversation but NB also hurts the defender. a trip goes off right at 00:00 and your opponent is good then there is nothing you can do and the city is lost. NB makes trips completely useless and takes another aspect away from the game. NB also hurts the attacker for endless...
  10. Davidos

    Why is everyone acting like we are dead? and who are all of you?? I only recognize the top 50 bp score as players! We are very much around and still around! so here to clear up some confusion lol. Yes, sadly Dav. had real-life stuff he had to attend so he needed to leave.. rip. and yeah we were...
  11. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Artemis Hixr Nagidos
  12. Mods do something for once, ban spammers

    Harbor Checks are different than spamming!
  13. Nagidos Sink / Swim

    There are 4 swims and 1 Deep sink! Imma say Demos's Army is a Float for now and then sink! I think its titans, Rogues, and Group Hug for the Swims. But of course, Titans Swim and everyone else eventually sinks Reasons: King Davinar
  14. Davidos

    I am sorry but this is 100% wrong. Chrict left due to his accident but it was clear when we dropped we were a small premade. You went ahead and turned the red dawn into a sister and promoted a ton of people into leadership. As for struggling, I wouldn't say we were struggling. To be honest I...
  15. Davidos

    Ok so if i can throw my opinion here. Truthfully I respect you both. Sig I wish I could have played with you in your hay day. I know you got that job position and forced you to move to the backline in lato which is a bummer but stoked on your new job position. Anyways playing on both sides I...
  16. Davidos

    Hence the True god-king
  17. Top 5 Sink or Swim

    hate to burst your bubble man but you are only top 3 because the other top alliances folded into TE. your chance of winning is prob just as high as it raining pigs... not possible
  18. Davidos

    The true god-king.
  19. Grepolis reunion?

    I think there is a big misconception of how much gold it takes to build to the point of TITAN. For starters, we don't if they received the crazy inno deal where $70 bucks get them 40k gold. so assuming they bought in for that and dropped $350 on it they are looking at 200k. Also for anyone who...
  20. Training Academy

    I can tell I ruffled some feathers with my first comment! as a covid baby in regards to grepolis and starting up about 6 months ago I agree with the above comment! I learned the game by getting attacked and attacking! A lot of information to be learned by getting attacked and attacking, This is...