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  1. Sniping guide | QuiteLucky edition

    These are players with experience and golden hands. You ask them to teach you.
  2. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Greetings all. Russian players are used to fighting players, not player bots. A human cannot beat a machine. This is obvious. If I see a lot of one player's actions per second in the movement window, I understand that I'm fighting with a program and not much depends on me. It's boring. I play...
  3. Grepolis Update 2.243 Discussion Thread

    Why make update to the old worlds? It was logical to make changes from the new ones. World Byblos. Killed 18 Ladons in an attack. That was a full. Not only that, it was already a small army in attack after the upgrade, there was no free population to build. Also the free population of 85 came...
  4. Why is the US Community Manager spamming my alliance?

    I think someone made a nickname similar to the manager's nickname. So he wouldn't get punished. I'm sure Team Grepolis is following all the rules of the game.
  5. Announcement US 58 World Settings Vote

    Speed 1 Unit 3 Conquest morale.