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  1. Premades going in?

    You didn't exist at the time of the post.
  2. SANBOX 19

    If memory recalls, all beta worlds are under the beta branch rather than regional servers like US, EU, etc. I don't have an account on the beta branch to check, but you can probably find the world at this link if you login and look at the open servers.
  3. Idea for purchasable items

    When then you're penalizing normal tactics as well. I typically seastorm twice in quick succession if I have my daily favor sitting around.
  4. Davidos

    That's what happens when you know how to win, but your opponents don't know how to lose.
  5. Davidos

    Davinar being eaten already? WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW TITANS?
  6. Premades going in?

    Avengers, Bad News Bears, and maybe Honey Badgers. Everyone else isn't bother mentioning.
  7. Premades going in?

    It should at a minimum be 30. In other news, have this hilarious screenshot.
  8. Premades going in?

    But Scot, everyone knows lower alliance caps mean there'll be less sister alliances :O
  9. Premades going in?

    A cap of 125 would mean a grand total of less than 3 alliances a month into the world.
  10. Premades going in?

    The world settings for this are terrible, so I wish you luck. The 2 top alliances both have 2 branches already and the 3rd top is gold farming.
  11. Idea for purchasable items

    Trading for resources would be faaaaaar too powerful. Oh you're sending a CS at me? Let me trade tons of resources/gold so I can seastorm you 40 times in quick succession and kill all the LS. As for trading favor, that could still be used to just hide favor for gods by making trades that no one...
  12. Mods do something for once, ban spammers

    Oh, didn't realize that Inno allowing me to have advisors was making this for heavy golders only. Guess I'll die.
  13. Ban Spammers

    In defense of this, if you want to found a city next to an opponent's WW island they have every right to stonehail it out of existence.
  14. WD Leaders - Shame Shame

    Personally I'm 100% fine with this because it'll anger dan even more lmao.
  15. WD Leaders - Shame Shame

    They made several mistakes, including but not limited to 1) MMing TBC right before WWs and trying to get them to flip sides with the promise of a crown they couldn't keep 2) Attacking people who weren't online during fills to get them online to help 3) They took in sinkingdan, thereby forcing me...
  16. Ares, Aphrodite, And the Fireship Fix

    Seems decent enough to me, although you gave Aphro 3 myths instead of the usual 2. Fireships being countered by birs already exists but the reason no one does it is how easy it is to do
  17. Davidos

    @Brajanz0r If you're playing here, you better not lose.
  18. Grepolis reunion?

    Give it a month and if I've got the time, I'll see about joining someone. So many good sides this world.
  19. Grepolis reunion?

    Goddamn I'm going to miss all the fun :(
  20. Trash Talk.

    Y'know, before you complain and say something like "no you're lying" have And just for good measure have