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  1. Mako

    Sink or Swim

    we made you ghost, vaca and lie to your entire team last world... dont make me gold... or get celt here (which he in this world). We'd enjoy breaking you again. You are nothing.
  2. Mako


    Says the person that has been in a world for almost a year and only has 67 cities.... and your in my alliance there. Your welcome to leave or ghost, as you've not helped or done anything to help our team :)
  3. Mako


    What is everyone thinking will happen? How will this world go?
  4. Mako


    Going Commando SOLID group of people. a ok but not great core. However are spread out. They will lose many far out cities at the start however they will focus on their core and then move out. If they focus on 54 or 55 they will go far in this world. However they need to choose 1 ocean or will...
  5. Mako

    Relationship Counseling

    you have sid and josh.... both are unstable and dont know how this game works. you won a world against sims. good job! other than that... none joining or in that alliance has friends or actual good players. i will help OWLS just to rim those noobs tbh. "fight to get in" but none of you can fight lol
  6. Mako

    World Chat
  7. Mako

    US 109 - Methone

    yeah..... this should be DOM as a WW revolt is currently on going...
  8. Mako

    New World Settings Suggestions

    Conquest world end game: DOM Game speed: 4-6 Unit speed: 4-6 Trading Speed: 4-6 Night bonus: NO Morale: NO Its Summer. Give us something we can KILL TO!
  9. Mako

    Grepolis Draft 2.0

    Grepolis Draft 2.0 Right now we are changing the rules of the old draft/making them better, as well as changing how teams are picked. If you are interested in joining this, please give a like, post your game name and join our Discord! If we get enough people we...
  10. Mako

    Power Rankings - Week 1

    shark attack is here for gold. as well Netflix, gold farm and gold trader.
  11. Mako

    watch out for Siciliana Drago LOL

    in ALL my days in grepolis i have seen coalitions. But this dude is NEXT level! Like dude... You forgot one!!! you left out the one person in Gold Standard!!!
  12. Mako

    Sink or Swim top 5

    Since this server is boring and people wont post in externals and don't want to do a World Chat. Here is a top 5 Sink or swim. 1. Open Water (they rock) 2. Open water (again they rock) 3. Open Water (once again they rock) 4. Open Water (like legit they rock) 5. Legion of Death (just...