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  1. Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?

    Getting hate mail has to be one of the best parts of the game ;) Hope you're doin' well Al!
  2. Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?

    Thank you Meg :D appreciate it Was sad to see you and Going Commando leave as I considered you all our best competition Hope the revolt world is going well for you guys, and maybe some day we will meet on the battlefield once again ;)
  3. Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?

    Lol pot calls the kettle black ? Except she's wrong of course..... I love that when a lot of people get absolutely outplayed, they chalk it up to cheating before asking and trying to understand how they just got handed such a beat down.
  4. Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?

    This is the story of @Vixen24 and how she accuses people of spam and bots! Once upon a time, there was a red city that the hero of the story (myself, of course) wanted to take. It was the beautiful city I had ever laid my eyes on! I make my attack planner, and get ready to go! I start off by...
  5. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    Gold is not the reason the game is dying. The game is dying because 99% of experienced players would rather eat new players for cities than teach them how to play and help them have an enjoyable experience. I'm guilty of this, I think we pretty much all are. US server - let's do better :)
  6. hello

    big facts i struggle to think of a player worse than Duck
  7. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    Name : 9 Past Experience: 9 (Community Status) Points: 8 Alliance: 10 ABP: 8 DBP: 4 Timing: 9.5 Total: 57.5/60
  8. Kastoria Sink/Swim#4

    If you mean a player by that name, then no.
  9. Kastoria Sink/Swim#4

    No Friends - #1 pts, #2 bp - SWIM - Am I biased by being in No Friends? Oh, certainly. That out of the way, I stand by my comments in the first sink/swim, as we are a very strong group. No Friends was 26-0 against the former #1 alliance, Poseidon's Trident. Grepolife currently shows us as 12-1...
  10. Kastoria Sink/Swim#4

    Remember - I obviously don't know everything going on within these alliances - I can only go off what I've heard and seen! Poseidon's Trident (2) - #1 (10) pts, #1 (14) bp - SINK - I don't know much about this alliance's players but as an alliance that had 70+ players shortly after the world...
  11. World Chat Please let your alliances know about this if possible so we can get more people in.
  12. Predictions

    Since I didn't see one made I made one so here is the link: World Chat Link
  13. Predictions

    Not that I'm aware of - go make one