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  1. This is sad

    at least on EN you have big MRAs taking on the top team, makes it at least fairly interesting
  2. This is sad

    EN is still fairly interesting, if you don't mind being woken up every now and then it's a pretty solid option from what I'm seeing :)
  3. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    Do it!
  4. With last stand pressed.....

    Or whatever the hell it's called GGs everyone, wish the world had ended up being more competitive but there was a solid 3-4 weeks of good fighting in there ;) Was good playing with and against everyone here .... I'm sure I'll see (and beat) y'all on other worlds :cool: best of luck to all of you
  5. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    didn't take too long Duck is just too good
  6. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    But you're good for moral support <3
  7. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    Clearly TmT isn't good enough if the world hasn't already pacted against them ;)
  8. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    I’m sure you guys will hug, you’re right.
  9. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    Stats mean little this early Some players will start red hot, some players start slow Duck is really good timer so you folks better watch out
  10. US 110 Naucratis - Sink or Swim

    They also could have these things called friends, that build them cities - which is illegal in no way. Please make sure you can confirm your facts before accusing them. <3
  11. US 110 - Naucratis

    EN opened around 10am server time, i'd expect US is roughly the same? but no way of knowing for sure ofc
  12. US 110 - Naucratis
  13. US 110 - Naucratis

  14. US 110 - Naucratis

    No no it's 5/5/4 Actually good settings
  15. US 110 - Naucratis

    I would drop but I don't want to make you all look bad I'll just wait for the next speed 1/1/1 with 16 hour NB and double strength morale instead
  16. Hybrid App Feedback Thread

    Sad days for apple users :(
  17. Eurybia should be more powerful

    It wasn't an opinion ... it's a fact
  18. How ?

    We already did, why do we think the conversation stopped in here? We're in room 312 in the Marriott down the street if you're looking for some fun ;)
  19. How ?

    Hmm idk Can an old dog really learn new tricks ?
  20. How ?

    one can only hope although he's pretty old so i really wouldn't hold my breath lmao