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  1. Raevonwolff

    Speed 1 Worlds Need an Extra Culture Creator

    There are people in this game who habitually dodge attacks. Attacks can't be recalled after ten minutes. Nothing to attack means no battle points. On speed 1 this means many hours of time wasted time even when you know hours in advance the attack is being dodged due to a spy. In addition, on a...
  2. Raevonwolff

    US 108?

    Aren't we kind of overdue for US 108? Won Carystus with 100% DOM and moved happily onto 107, and I basically went into a win with the Kiddie Pool again or nothing state of mind there, but my alliance never fully formed again on 107, which made me kinda sad, so I left to wait for 108 and a clean...
  3. Raevonwolff

    Eurybia should be more powerful

    Eurybia in Greek mythology was a primordial goddess. She should be more powerful in the game.
  4. Raevonwolff

    new feature: rally points

    This, I think, is an interesting idea. Throughout history, there were specialized forces, just and many players specialize their cites in Grepolis. By themselves, those specialized forces had weaknesses. However, they would meet up at rally points with general armies and/or navies or with other...
  5. Raevonwolff

    Ooo, can you please add Sappho as a hero of wisdom?

    You have known real people in there like Aristotle, and a lot of the legends are actually based on real people too. I would really love to see Sappho in the game. She's one of my real-life heroes. I'm a writer and a lesbian just like her, and I find her so inspiring.
  6. Raevonwolff

    Where is Achilles?

    Hi, you have so many heroes from the Trojan War, even pretty unimportant ones like Ajax, but where is Achilles, a primary hero of that war? Is he not included because he was bi? I hope not, because as a lesbian, I would find that very offensive.
  7. Raevonwolff

    Perseus' expression

    This post is for the admins of Grepolis. Can you pass along a message to please change the expression on the hero Perseus' face? It's just this really creepy hateful smirking look that I've actually seen before on the face of human garbage. I don't use him because of that look. I don't want to...
  8. Raevonwolff

    Ladon's population differential attack boost

    I don't get Ladon's boost on this. You'd have to be attacking a target with 75,000 population to get the full 150% boost. How is that even possible? No city is anywhere near that big.
  9. Raevonwolff

    Halloween World

    This is not an idea for an improvement, just for fun. Halloween is my favorite holiday. :) It would be really cool to have a Halloween themed world for October. Not necessarily this year, as it's already almost here, and would need a lot of programming, but maybe next year. :) Not too many...
  10. Raevonwolff

    My idea for an alternate version of Grepolis

    In my version, Grepolis is a monthly fee based game because let's face it, companies need to make a profit. In my version, everyone would pay the same monthly fee and there would be NO PURCHASE OF GOLD OR PACKAGES, so that everyone who plays is truly on an even playing field and winning is based...
  11. Raevonwolff

    Curiosity begs me to wonder...

    Will there be any events upcoming for this world, like Mythical Hen or Aegean Battleships? I'm new to the game, so I don't know if there are always events near the dawn of worlds or even always events at all or if the events are World-specific or universal. Any info would be appreciated. :)
  12. Raevonwolff

    Alternate version idea

    I think it would be a good idea if there were two world types. The current buy gold with real money could be kept, of course, as I fully understand the economics of micro-purchasing, but another version could be instituted with a flat rate monthly fee, so that having bigger pockets does not...