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  1. Kariella

    Advisors Suggestion Merchant Commander Captain

    I was just looking at the Advisors and after all these years it kinda hit me... they got a lotta stuff piled up onto Captain... and really some of it doesnt make sense... and should be spread out to other advisors imo... First Captain... only time I ever activate this is if I need the 20% ...
  2. Kariella

    Zarkos Ends 1:04AM EST 1/29/17

    Well fwiw at 1:04 AM EST on 1/29/17 the server finally shutdown :(
  3. Kariella

    How Does Seastorm Work

    I am sure this has been asked and answered but I cant find it :( plus the post could be outdated... The description of Seastorm is Destroys 10--30% of the targeted ships That said is there a combination of ships either based on amount of type of ships that can prevent or make less likely...
  4. Kariella

    The Countdown has Begun

    woohoo finally our 28 day countdown has started...
  5. Kariella

    Men of Mayhem - Masters of Heraklion

    Well just a few short hours ago we completed our 7th Wonder and Men of Mayhem is Officially the Masters of Heraklion (as if there was ever any doubt ;)) As usual, we put Usual Suspects in their place and even as we speak we are treating them to a Victory Op on their remaining cities that...
  6. Kariella

    Men of Mayhem - Victors of Heraklion

    We have reached our first rewards for our labors over the past 18 months... Victorious... Great job All Men of Mayhem
  7. Kariella

    whats wrong with this picture

    how come when I click other worlds I see this... this cant be right... these servers are tooo old... am I in the wrong spot?
  8. Kariella

    Revolt CS Question

    On a Revolt Server If you have a city under revolt and you send a CS and someone else takes over the city before your CS gets there you are given the option to return your CS back to its home city without it completing its journey... If you send a CS to a ghost city, even though there is...
  9. Kariella

    Favor Calculation Question

    ok so in order to calculate favor, the formula is (assuming speed 2 world with 25 of each God with L25 Temples and a Divine Statue in each city) Game speed x (square root of (temple levels + (number of divine statues in cities worshiping that god x 5)) or 2 x (square root of ((25x25)+(25*5)))...
  10. Kariella

    Theatre Question

    ok I know the cookie cutter is baths and tower... but I was thinking... if I had a theatre in every city that would be about 1 city slot a week... and realistically... while bigger nukes rock... I typically send so many waves that... well... does 300 extra troops matter? I mean what I am...
  11. Kariella

    World Wonder Title Question

    after an alliance wins master of x and ruler of x is it possible for another alliance to fight it out and take over their wonders and finish theirs and get the titles? I imagine they will not get the bonus... but if they can say get 4/7 even though they were not first... do they still get the title?
  12. Kariella

    Multiple CS Question

    in the FAQ it says... What happens if you send 2 colony ships? It makes no difference how many colony ships you send. The second ship will simply land, then turn around and head back home you will receive a report about your troops having Tea and cakes. But a long time ago (and I even...
  13. Kariella

    Time of Death

    Hi... does anyone have an Official time of death on zeta? Ok lets keep it positive... Time of Sunset :) We had a Zeta party last night... but I guess just before 1 am'ish I fell out and came back to the login screen
  14. Kariella

    Problem with Login button not doing anything

    I am on 4 different servers - us5, us7, us13, us32 and when I login I use remember password and I switch back and forth between servers quite a bit and eventually, what will happen is that as I am switching, the Login button will not do anything, it will highlight on mouseover, but when I click...
  15. Kariella

    This Bug Again

    see this post as that problem is happening all over again and started as soon at the interface was updated I can login to the game but at a certain point it just stops loading and I use IE, Firefox, Chrome and did all the prescibed maintence steps to do prior to posting attached is the new...
  16. Kariella

    Inactive Player Rule Clarification

    In the Wiki there is this rule in regards to an inactive player. 8 ) Account deletion & other All inactive world accounts will be deleted after 2 weeks. This will not occur if Premium is active 1. Does the above rule mean that there cities will not ghost until any premium services they have...
  17. Kariella

    Sending 2 CS's at the Same City

    So today, I did something that I have done before. Send 2 CS's at the same city... usually a ghost city and the CS cities are close by Olu cities so I tack on a CS and send both just in case there is not enough olu in the first one. What usually happens is if the first CS is successful, then...
  18. Kariella

    Mu Try Again Later

    trying to login to mu... get the message try again later... is the server down?
  19. Kariella

    Monthly Voting Feature Bug

    I got the bucket thing that you click on and I can see the window and the rating circles... but there are no questions that are visible... so I dont know what I am rating
  20. Kariella

    Combat Reports

    so I send troops from 10 of my cities to support another one of my cities... the city gets attacked and I get a main report showing what happened and who lost what troops and how much BP etc... THEN... I get 10 more reports one for each city showing the specific damage to that city and the BP...