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  1. SageOfSixDabs

    Who is coming?

    I've spent no money and already on my second city before my beginner protection is up. Could be on 3 or 4 but I have my farms on lvl 6 as well. As long as you're active and able to roll your missions/favor properly in sync then you should have no issues keeping up on a speed 4 world. It's so...
  2. SageOfSixDabs

    Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Just started playing again after probably 7-9 years. I'm only a few days in but active and neutral but also looking for an alliance in Ocean 44 if anyone needs another player. Also if Conquest is 24 divided by world speed which in our case is 4, does that mean 6 hours to take a city?
  3. SageOfSixDabs

    Late Start

    Also here with a late start. Used to play years ago when I was younger long before there was an app. Can't recall what my name was, probably Hysteric or something like that. I was thinking about starting on the newest world but the game threw me into this one to start and I have no idea what...