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  1. Shock

    Nagidos Sink / Swim

    Let me preface this by saying I'm not a revolt player, so I don't know many of the good ones here, that being said I have general knowledge of Grep that hopefully will make it so I don't screw this up too badly lol 1. THE TITANS - Out in front for points, average points, and nearly doubling...
  2. Shock

    Updated Simulators for Olympus Worlds

    Hello, Now that temples give different offense and defense buffs, in the simulator it is a pain to try to get the exact buff % like I try to do, in fact I can't even get the buff % I have on some attacks now, I'd just ask that Grepo has an updated simulator that includes all the temple buffs for...
  3. Shock

    Sink or Swim

    Sink/swim hasn't been made yet - which I can see why with this few players lol I figured I'd try (and fail miserably) 1. The Redcoats - My alliance so I really shouldn't say too much - but we clearly have the best core around so far. So far we are 4-2 against Light Brigade, 5-0 against Jeep...
  4. Shock

    World Discord Chat

    What're the odds I can manage to not screw this up *fingers crossed*